Team W.O.D. Wednesday 11/18/20


Team W.O.D. Wednesday 11/18/20

*Coaches – please spend time going through each of these movements, as there should be time to give some solid instruction on each!

Team Conditioning WOD – 25 minutes

*Remember just because this workout says 25 minutes, does not mean you are working out for 25 minutes.  In a team workout, this is 25 minutes of interval training, which is very effective in making you better at crossfit, life, and all things fitness/weight loss.  It’s important that you try to understand the stimulus of your workout.  When it’s your turn, go hard!

Teams of 2…

As many rounds + reps as possible in 10 minutes of…

*Athletes do 1 full round before switching, and you may use whichever hand you’d like overhead

10 Single KB Overhead Stationary Lunges R/L = 2 70/55

10 KB Swings 70/55

Immediately into…

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes complete…

*Athletes complete 1 full minute then switch (5 rds each, taking turns)

5 Power Snatches 165/115
Max Bar over burpees in remainder of minute, then switch athletes

Then immediately into…

5 minutes max rope climbs as a team (15 ft). (COVID precautions and options available, see below)

*On rope climbs please use the 75% alcohol liquid chalk on the walls to keep ropes clean

*If you rather stay away from sharing the rope, that is fine. See Modification options below which will also be considered prescribed, giving you an option that works best for you.

*Modify rope climbs – if a desire to rope climb but need to scale complete rope pulls. 5 rope pulls = 1 rope climb. Coaches please demo.

*If you’d like to RX rope climbs but would rather not use the ropes you may complete 5 ring rows + 5 knees to elbows on rig = 1 rope climb OR 15 ring rows = 1 rope climbs, staying as parallel to the ground as possible to imitate the core strength to do a rope climb (must touch rings to chest at top then lower to full extension of arms at bottom, coaches please demo. TO scale this, just increase the incline of your body on the ring rows or a scaled version of the knees to elbows.

*On lunges, athlete may use whichever hand they prefer overhead

*On lunge, athlete must control the KB or DB if scaling all the way to the ground.  No dropping!

Post 3 scores – rounds + reps of WOD 1, total bar over burpees achieved, and total rope climbs achieved as a team!

OPTION 1 – Extra Work

Olympic lifting – 14 minutes

Every 2 minutes complete (7rds)…

2 Hang Squat Snatch
*Building in weight as you go

OPTION 2 – Extra Work


2 rds…
1 minute plank (on elbows)
30 sec right side plank
30 sec left side plank
30 mountain climbers R/L=1
Rest 1 minute