Team W.O.D. Wednesday 11/25/20


Team W.O.D. Wednesday 11/25/20

For COVID purposes

Thanksgiving Workout/FeastMode 5k Info.

Get the info directly from the horse’s mouth… 😛

To avoid any feelings of being left out if you choose to stay home OR just as important that you know there is a knowledge, a sensitivity, and understanding of COVID and the current rise in cases; let me explain with some short points!

  1. I stopped promoting the FeastMode several days ago to the general public with the knowledge of the rise of COVID cases. Many on the outside may not realize it will be held responsibly, like we have been doing with our daily regular workouts. I am not looking to make this a huge event like it has been in the past for your safety. Rather something fun, free, and safe for our current CFR families on Thanksgiving morning, and to benefit a good cause in the community (bring non-perishables to donate for those in need).
  2. Those who do come Thanksgiving morning, please know the cardio equipment and running will be outside (with disinfectant spray next to each machine) and movements will be inside, where we will use no equipment and will be all bodyweight, allowing us to social distance as needed.
  3. Could we just cancel it? Much of the gym has conveyed that they will be there just like any other day and will practice guidelines. Many have also told me they will workout virtually and then check-in to CFR, as they will be in contact with some other people that day, and for precaution, will just do the workout at their home. Either way, it seems like something many would like to still do to build our CFR community, raise some food for a local non-profit, while respecting those who are not comfortable, please stay home. We get that and of course respect that!

Please know these have been and will continue to be uncharted waters, while aiming to balance the desires of our CFR community, respect all opinions, and still be able to give back to those in need through our platform and events, like we do so well. In the mean
time, through Dec 9th, please bring some non-perishables to the gym regardless!

Event link –

My heart is for you. I’m grateful. I personally hope and pray you all have a very, very safe Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


Team W.O.D. – 24 minute running clock

In teams of 2…

0:00-8:00 – As at team, switching off as needed, complete as many calories on a machine as possible in 8 minutes…

*One partner must always have 205/145 in front rack position while other teammate is working.

*Work cannot start until the bar is in the front rack position. If the bar comes down out of front rack, the teammate must stop and switch.

*You must use the same machine – each time you switch give the handle a quick spray then proceed. If you feel you need to use two different machines (which is fine), find a way to keep track of the running total of each calories as the screen will turn off after a given amount of time.

Immediately into…

8:00-16:00 – complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of…

*Splitting reps however desired

35 Thrusters 135/95
8 Rope Climbs (15ft, white tape)
25 Thrusters
6 Rope Climbs
15 Thrusters
4 Rope Climbs
5 Thrusters
2 Rope Climbs

*If you complete all the work within the 8 minutes your score will be 100. Place your time you finished it in the notes or the whiteboard as your tiebreaker with anyone else who finishes this work also.

*Thrusters should be a moderately heavy weight. Something if fresh you could do 15+ unbroken.
*Rope climbs – aim to use the liquid chalk on the walls, which has 75% alcohol to keep ropes disinfected. If you rather not rope climb due to possible germs spread, you may choose another alternative or modification. Scale Rope climbs with…

  1. halfway up rope climbs
  2. 5 Ring Rows + 5 knees to elbows = 1 rope climb
  3. 3 rope walks (lower self onto your back onto the ground then using arms and legs pulling self up to a standing position. 5 = 1 rope climb)

Immediately into…

16:00 – 24:00 – In 8 minutes, find a heavy 1 rep snatch. Your score is your combined total with your teammate!

*You may squat snatch or power snatch. Your choice!
*Only one person may lift at a time. Cheer each other on!

Extra Work


Close Grip Bench Press drop sets

2 times through (rest 5 minutes between attempts)

-start at a weight you can do 8-10 reps
-if possible have a partner deload weight quickly 5 times as you reach close to failure or failure each set, before decreasing weight, so you can stay laid down and keep moving
-no score here, just gainzzz