TEAM W.O.D. Wednesday 5/16/18


TEAM W.O.D. Wednesday 5/16/18

Don’t forget to download the Sugar WOD app on your phone and join the CrossFit Republic team, to track all your lifting numbers and workout times! This is a great way to see where you have come from and where you are going. Not to mention, give a few virtual “fist bumps” out… you’ll have to download it to see ????

Team Conditioning WOD – 35 min cap

*Coaches – please line bikes up tight against front rig facing back of class, then as you walk toward the back, place KBs lined across, then slam balls lined, boxes lined, then wall balls waiting at the targets!

*Athletes – have fun with this one. Cheer each other on, and encourage each other, and grind away!

For total team time…

4 person Team Conga Line

Within the team of 4, partner up 2 and 2.  Select which team of 2 will go first in this conga line. Strategize this.

First team of 2 will start on the bike, splitting the reps/calories however needed to complete the 100 as quickly as possible.  Once they finish, they will move onto the next movement immediately, and their partners, other team of 2 will start on the bike.

If the second team of 2 finishes their movement before their partners finish their movement in front of them, they must wait until the team in front finishes that movement before starting theirs.

Both teams of 2 move as quickly as possible through this conga line and when all 4 have crossed the front uprights on the back rig, that is your team time!

100 Calorie Bike

100 KB Swings 70/55

100 Ball Slams 30/20

100 Box Overs 20″

100 Wall Balls 20/14

*Scaling box overs, you may step up and over for this particular workout, which is not typical but permissible today!

*If team of 4 women, calorie bike can be RXd at 70 cals, but not with mixed teams

*If odd number of athletes, and unable to have a team of 4, try your best to form a team of 2 if possible, to make this work the best, and then cut the reps completely in half and move through quickly like each other team.  If for whatever reason you must have a team of 3 or 1, please “shadow a team”, which means 1 person joins a group of 2 and when one person works on the team, you work as well for max reps.  When they stop you stop… and so forth.

Post total team times!