TEAM W.O.D. Wednesday 7/18/19


TEAM W.O.D. Wednesday 7/18/19

If you haven’t done a team workout at CFR, you’re in for a treat. The energy is AWESOME!  Don’t miss out because of the word “team”.  Don’t be concerned about being weak or holding your team up…

Be there to get a great workout, feel empowered, cheer your teammate on, and take another step in your fitness journey for yourself!  Be there!

Team Conditioning – 32 minutes

Teams of 2:

On the 4:00 x 8 Rounds, alternating rounds with teammate…
400m Run
15 Bar over burpees
Max Deadlifts 315/225 in remaining time (max deads achieved is your score)…

(example – athlete 1 completes all above from 0:00-4:00, score is max deads achieved.  When the 4:00 hits, athlete 2 starts while athlete 1 rests.  Repeat this sequence until 8 rounds (32 minutes) is complete.)

*If raining – row 500m as a first option.  If rowers are all taken, teams may use bikes for 1500m

***Scaling options – This may take the first round to truly realize where to scale accordinlgy but there are 2 places you can scale this workout, based on your abilities to make it possible to get to the deadlifts.  Either cut your run to 200m and try to leave the number of burpees alone OR run the 400m and cut the burpees down in reps.  If needed, scale both.  The goal is to get to the deadlifts whether you complete 1 rep or 30 reps, scale to get there!