Valentines Day TEAM W.O.D. 2/14/18


Valentines Day TEAM W.O.D. 2/14/18

Although it’s Valentine’s Day, you can partner up with ANYONE you want!  Just don’t look into their eyes and make this thing awkward.  Time to do some work together.  Grab a buddy and get after it!

Conditioning WOD – 40 minute cap

For time… teams of two, completing 16 rounds total as a team, each athlete must complete a full 2 rounds at a time and then tag their teammate, each completing 8 total rounds total of…

10 Deadlifts 255/175

10/7 Calorie Air Bike (male/female)

Ex – Athlete 1 – 10 deads, 10 cals, 10 deads, 10 cals, then tag…  athlete 2 does the same, then tags… until all 16 rounds are completed…

*If all bikes are taken due to classes larger than 20 people, although a different movement pattern, still a similar stimulus for results, substitute the bike with a 15/12 Calorie Row

*If odd number of athletes, teams of 1 will complete the 2 rounds as fast as they can and then take a mandatory 2 minute rest – their score will be total time as well.

Post total time as a team! (for every rep not completed under time cap, add a second to the time cap – 40:16)