TEAM W.O.D. and Barbell Saturday 12/9/17


TEAM W.O.D. and Barbell Saturday 12/9/17

Crossfit Republic Barbell Class is this Saturday at 10-11:30!
The second Saturday of each month we have an Olympic Lifting “Clinic” where we break down your movement and help you become more efficient with the barbell!
Come join us! $5 for non-members, and childcare is included.
Here’s the workout below…
A- 4 sets: 3 Snatch Grip Push press + 2 OHS (start ~50% of Snatch and build)
B- 4-6 sets: 3 pos. Snatch (pocket, above knee, 1″ off floor)
C- 4-5 sets clean complex: 1 clean at pocket + 1 hang clean + jerk dip pause
D- 4-5 sets from rack: 2 jerks + 8 sec. hold OH after last rep w/ feet together

Team Conditioning WOD

“Pet Rock”

In teams of 2, complete the following breaking up reps however desired…

Each team has a “Pet Rock” (Kettlebell 70/55, that has to be carried/kept off the ground the entire workout. You may not kneel or lay down with it. One person works at a time, other person holds your “pet rock”)

5 Rounds for time of…

-20 Overhead Plate Stationary Lunges R/L=2  45/35

-20 Hand release Pushups

-20 Calorie Air Bike

-20 Calorie Row

-20 Slam Balls 30/20


***5 Burpee Penalty on the spot if Pet Rock ever touches the ground.


Post teams and total times!