W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 11/12/20


W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 11/12/20

*Todays workout will be the same for both the daily and endurance.

“The soul is like a bowl of water.” – Epictetus
It’s ok to get ruffled sometimes.
We are indeed human, and we will get emotional too.
The analogy that Epictetus depicts for us is that even though we can be rocked, knocked around, shaken… through disciplined stillness, we can always find emotional stability. The visual is quite relatable: a bowl of water, disturbed from some event, has ripples running throughout it. It’s not at rest. 
But with disciplined focus and effort, we can regain stillness. Often faster than we think.

In the moments where we are most shaken, remind ourselves of this visual. No matter how bad things get, everything is recoverable.

Conditioning and Endurance WOD – 30 min cap

3 Rounds For Time:
1,000m Row/800m Ski/2400m Bike (your choice)
90 seconds accumulated KB front rack hold 55s/35s (coaches demo)
30 Plate Overhead Stationary Lunge 45/35

*If you want an awesome core, this is how it’s made. Enjoy! On the front rack hold the KBs MUST NOT have elbows high and weight resting on your shoulders. They must be completely in the frontal plane where your arms and an engaged core is keeping them upright. Watch the time, and based on the honor system, resume where you left off until you accumulate 90 seconds of actual work on this movement. Here is a demo of the front rack hold – https://youtu.be/wLNgt4bzEAs

*On the lunges, you must hold a plate overhead while completing lunges with the back knee touching the ground and then opening the hips and standing tall at the top to count the rep RX – find a steady pace and hold it.

Extra work ( before or after class)


Off the rack…
Find a heavy 6 rep front rack lunge for the day.

*Use a barbell in the front rack position. Take 6 stationary alternating steps. Right/Left = 2 reps
*Build in weight as you go and score the greatest weight achieved for 6 completed steps