W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 12/19/19


W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 12/19/19

“Patience is not the virtue. Discipline is.”

Discipline is not reserved for the military for martial artists. Whereas patience is our anchor for holding steady through the storm, it is our discipline that pushes us forward.
Discipline to our commitments, regardless of how seemingly large or small.
Discipline to our values, from our best to worst moments.
Discipline to the details, when there’s every excuse in the world to “let it slide”.

Patience is a subset of a deeper practice. That of discipline.

Interval Conditioning – 25 minutes

Every 5 Minutes x 5 Rounds:
21/15 Cal Ski Erg
18/12 Calorie Bike
15 Toes to Bar


  • The goal with this interval work is to train large sets of toes to bar with an elevated heart rate
  • Rounds begin on the 0:00, 5:00, 10:00, 15:00, and 20:00
  • Your score today is the slowest of the 5 rounds
  • Choose variations and distances that allow you to complete the work in less than 4 minutes, giving you at least 1 minute to rest


  • If Unable to SKI:
    Equal Cal Row


  • If Unable to Bike:
    Equal Calorie Bike Row


  • Choose a toes to bar variation that you can complete with 1 quick break max across the 5 rounds


  • Stagger heats 2:30 minute mark if short on Ski Ergs and Bikes (2nd heat 2:30, 7:30, 12:30, 17:30, 22:30)

While the toes are touching the bar today, we want more than just the toes touching the pedals as we ride the bike. It is hard to generate a ton of power when it’s just the toes making contact with the machine. Instead, let’s move the foot slightly forward so it’s more ball of the foot on the pedal. This part of the foot covers more surface area and allows athletes to use more muscle in each rotation that they could from the toes.

The toes to bar is a shoulder driven movement. When the movement starts in the shoulder, athletes have better control of their body position. When the movement starts in the hips, there is the tendency to swing around on the bar. If it’s a good kip, athletes should be able to stop on a dime and re-establish the hollow position whenever they want. We’ll practice initiating the toes to bar and stopping on a dime during movement prep today.

Movement Prep
15 Scap Pull-ups
15 Second Hollow Hold on Bar
15 Second Arch Hold on Bar

10 Seconds Kip Swing
10 Second Knees Up
10 Seconds Knees Higher

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Feet as High as Possible
Knees to Chest
Knees to Waist


  • With the score today being the slowest of the 5 rounds, you’ll want to find a pace in the first couple rounds that you see yourself maintaining in rounds 3-5
  • With 3+ minutes of work and 1-2 minutes of rest, these won’t be all out sprints, rather repeats at about 80-85% of your max effort


  • Let’s move with a purpose on these movements, but it is better to go a hair slower here to go bigger on the gymnastics


  • With rest built in, let’s shoot for really large sets of toes to bar
  • These are ideally completed in 1-2 sets
  • 1 Set: 15 Unbroken
  • 2 Sets: 8-7 or 9-6

CFR Endurance WOD – 35 min cap

3 rounds for time of…
800m run
40/30 Cal Row
20 Toes to bar