NEW CAUSE! – W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 4/1/21


NEW CAUSE! – W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 4/1/21

New month means a new cause to support!

For the month of April, we are excited to partner with The Autism Site for autism awareness month! Every 16 check-ins on Facebook (free to do) throughout April will provide one minute of therapy to an autistic child and their family. The hashtag this month is #autismawareness

We have partnered with The Autism Site for the last 6 years and have provided over 770,000 minutes of therapy to families that need and deserve it!😯

The Autism Site provides access to incredible play therapy sessions that promote long-term and short-term memory, stimulate language, negotiation, and communication skills. Play sessions also nourish each family by relieving stress and forging important emotional bonds.👍

If you want to learn more about The Autism Site, you can check them out at!👌
This April, remember to check-in to help children and families with autism!

Blessings! Macy & Jennifer Mitchell

*The daily workout and endurance will be the same today!

“You’re remembered for the rules you break.” – General MacArthur

There’s something oddly intoxicating about fitting into a group. By falling in to cultural norms. It’s truly in our DNA – to connect with others through similarities.

That is an amazing thing. But at the same time, it can be a dangerous one. We can take the limits of our surroundings, for the limits of our own. This can often happen without even a conscious realization.

These “unspoken rules” that society lives by can hold us back. The “unspoken beliefs” that we should live life a certain way. With genuine respect, we sit humbly at the feet of anyone we can learn from. Yet, we must keep our minds open to possibilities outside of the confines of our norm. Some rules are just meant to be broken.

Conditioning AND Endurance WOD – 35 min cap
When breaking up runs, you may not break distances up out on the running trail, rather each time you must come back to the bay door then out again. 400m = 200m + 200m with turnaround at bay door (more hill work means you get better) 😉

For Time:
40 AbMat Sit-ups
20 Ball Slams 30/20
200 Meter Run
40 AbMat Sit-ups
20 Ball Slams 30/20
400 Meter Run
40 AbMat Sit-ups
20 Ball Slams 30/20
800 Meter Run
40 AbMat Sit-ups
20 Ball Slams 30/20
1600 Meter Run

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-5:00]

  • This simple, but effective Thursday workout includes just three movements: abmat sit-ups, ball slams, and running
  • The low complexity means that we can focus on intensity over skill
  • As the core fatigue from the abmat sit-ups and ball slams would begin to accumulate, the distance on the run increases
  • This means that athletes will have more time for the midline to “recover”, which allows them to effectively keep moving forward as the reps add up
  • We expect this workout to take around 20-30 minutes to complete
  • See the modifications section for running alternatives

Warm Up
400m Jog or Machine until runners get back
General full body stretching session by coach

TEACHING [15:00-20:00]
The Feet

  • The foot strike in the ground when running will look very similar to how we jump rope
  • The feet land directly under the body and we absorb the weight with the front of the foot
  • The feet should also react to the ground like a bouncing basketball instead of spending too much time in contact with the ground
  • The big differences with jumping rope and running is that we have to move forward and use one foot at a time
  • We’ll work through a little progression to feel out efficient running form
  • We’ll start with hops in place on two legs and work towards a full run
  • See the Daily Video for a visual of this progression

Movement Prep

  • 30 Seconds Hops in Place
  • 30 Seconds Forward Hops
  • 20 Seconds Pulls in Place
  • 20 Seconds Pulls on Wall
  • 100 Meter Run

The Feet

  • Feet position on the AbMat Sit-up is based on personal preference – there is no right or wrong
  • Some athletes prefer to go with their feet pressed together in a butterfly position, while others opt to keep the legs straight out front
  • Note that the butterfly option will likely tax the abs more, while the legs out front method will recruit more of the hips flexors
  • Athletes can feel out both in movement prep to find the option that keeps them moving most efficiently through the workout

Movement Prep

  • 7 “Butterfly” Sit-ups

PRACTICE ROUND [20:00-25:00]
1 Round
10 AbMat Sit-ups
100 Meter Run

STRATEGY + WOD [25:00-60:00]

  • As the sit-up reps start to accumulate, the rest between sets will increase
  • This will allow us to keep moving forward even when we get above 100+ total reps within the workout
  • At some point, the core will be burning
  • Knowing we have the run coming up as a break for the midline, grit through it and throw the arms even harder


  • The big separator in this workout is likely going to be the nearly two miles of running
  • The sit-ups are definitely a lower heart rate movement than running
  • Getting to lay down for a couple minutes is a nice incentive to push hard on each distance
  • It’s helpful to create landmarks on your run route when aiming to hold a certain pace
  • Find objects about 50 meters apart and “chase” them on your way to the longer total distance
  • This keep you short term focused on the longer term goal of finishing


  • Row Meters (250-500-1000-2000)
  • Bike Meters (500-1000-2000-4000)or Calories – 12/9, 24/18, 60/45,96/72