W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 5/13/21


W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 5/13/21

Join a 5K run/walk to support the Republic Pregnancy Resource Center this Saturday at 8:30am!
This will be a family friendly run/walk, with a 5k or one mile option, over mostly flat terrain and a post-race breakfast!

Event details and sign up herehttps://www.facebook.com/events/188945299697259?ref=newsfeed

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

People aren’t thinking about you.
People are thinking about what you are thinking about them.
Just think about it for a second.

We’ve all been in that rabbit hole… moving about our day wondering what others think of us. In an effort to please everyone, or to “look right”.

Taken from a children’s book, this quote… is anything but childish. In a world where we can be consumed with the thoughts of another’s thoughts… we can realize that we may be “minding” things that we don’t need to.

Your buck stops with you.
My buck stops with me.
And that’s all that really matters.

*Time for some endurance training…

As many rounds + reps as possible in 40 minutes of…
1000/800m Row, 800m Ski, or 50/35 Calorie Bike
400m Run (Scales available)
200m Double-Dumbbell Front Rack Hold (50/35#)
40 Hand Release Push-Ups
20 Ring Rows

*If low on DBs convert to double Kettlebell holds OR start the workout on a different movement and come back to this to use DBs

  • Score = log rounds and reps accumulated in 40:00



  • 500/400m Row
  • 400m Ski Erg
  • 25/18 Calorie Bike


  • Decrease Load/Distance
  • March in-place for 2:00


  • Decrease Reps
  • Elevate Hands and maintain full Plank
  • Knee Push-ups

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-3:00]

  • Yup, 40:00 of movement with complementary movement patterns. This will allow for a steady state of constant movement. Think ‘slow burn’.
  • 1 Round = 10:00-12:00
  • Goal = 3-4 Rounds

LOGISTICS (for Coaches)

  • This is a long workout and very different to what we are used to. We will see more of these when appropriate.
  • The movements are relatively simple and can be used for the warm-up. You will have about 8:00-10:00 at the very most for the Warm-Up. We will be rallying.
  • Because it is a slower than a usual workout, but long, we can ease into in the first round.
  • Be clear about where the running and carrying routes are.
  • Ring Set-Up: Ensure the rings are about hip height for the Ring Rows. If they are too high, it will create. break in the midline. For RX you must touch rings to chest at top then back down to full arm extension

[For today, because the workout is very long, we will only use the movements to warm-up]

  • 20 Cal Bike
  • 200m Run
  • 50m DB Front Rack Carry –(Quick instruction from Coach on how to hold them correctly)
  • Demo Video
  • 5 Hand Release Push-Ups –(Quick instruction how to do the HRPU)
  • 5 Ring Rows –(Quick instruction on how to do the Ring Row)
  • Instructional Video
    (All movements are ‘Coach Led’)

(If there isn’t enough time for the Practice Round, we can bypass it and continue to scale in the first round of the workout. It helps to communicate this to your athletes, so they are not blindsided).
1 Round – w/ workout weight
5 Cal Bike
50m Run
25m Double-Dumbell Front Rack Hold
5 Hand Release Push-Ups
5 Ring Rows

WORKOUT [13:00-53:00]

  • It’s a slow grinder. Constant movement is key. Think 70% effort everywhere. Which means moving at a pace that isn’t super comfortable to hold a conversation, but it’s possible.
  • Consider changing the settings on the damper if the legs feel a little tired and ramping it up if they feel strong and fresh.
  • Steady on the run.
  • Aim for no more than 2 breaks with the DB Front Rack Carry. This will get spicy, fast!
  • Commit to fast sets on the Hand Release Push-Up – the less time spent on the shoulders, the better.
  • The Ring Rows will catch up on you. Keep the body tight throughout the entire range-of-motion. Ring Rows are easier to do with a disengaged/broken midline, but we don’t want easy…we want efficient. Be a tree!!



  • Static Hamstring Stretch: 1:00 each side
  • Pike Stretch: 40 Seconds Video
  • Figure 4 Stretch (:30 each side) Video

Extra Work

EMOM 10 Alternating (5 Rounds):
ODD MINUTES – :30 Barbell Front Rack Hold (Build in Load)
EVEN MINUTES – :30 Hip Extension Hold