W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 7/15/21


W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday 7/15/21

**“There will never be a better you, than you.”**

There is a lot to be said about authenticity.
The first definition inside Merriam-Webster reads, “worthy of acceptance or belief.”
If there’s one sure way to find failure in something, it’s through not being ourselves. It just doesn’t pan out in the long run. While we always remain a student, the harm lies when we blur the lines between emulating the traits of our mentors… with trying to actually be them.

Our mentors do not wish for us to follow in their footsteps.
Our mentors wish for us to go further. To blaze the path further than before.

We have incredible leaders to guide us. But it is now on us to push even further. And there’s no one suited better for that, than you.

Strength – 6 minutes

On an 6:00 clock, every :90 perform:
1 Power Clean + 2 Thrusters
(4 sets)

  • Increase loads across the 4 sets
  • Score = heaviest load complete

Conditioning WOD – 22 min cap

For Time:

2,000/1,800m Row, 1800/1600m Ski, 100/70 Bike, or 1 mile run (your choice)
30 Bar Muscle-ups
40 Thrusters (115/85)

*Score = Time it takes to complete the workout

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-3:00]
15:00-20:00 workout
Conditioning Category: Threshold
It’s a spin on the classic CrossFit benchmark “Jackie”, but slightly beefed up.
It will be very grippy for athletes with BMU’s.
The Thrusters will be “the fight” for all athletes.

2,000/1,800 meters should take ~8:00-9:00 at a moderate pace. Athletes should look to decrease distance the prescribed distance will take over 10:00

30 BMU’s should take between 3:00-5:00 and in no more than 5 sets
Athletes should be able to perform 8 quality unbroken repetitions if they
40 moderately loaded Thrusters should take about 2:00-4:00, in 3-5 sets. Athletes should be able to perform 15-20 unbroken repetitions when fresh of their chosen load, and this should not be a max effort.

**Get Hot/Activate**
**5:00 AMRAP or 2 Rounds:**
Machine 10 Calories or 250m
3 Scap-Pull-Ups + Strict Pull-Ups or 5 Ring Rows
5 V-Ups [Video](youtu.be/pE0OL-As3Zk)
5 Squat Therapy Reps

SPECIFIC WARM-UP [8:00-25:00]
**FOCUS: GRIP TIP – “Flash the fingers” [DAILY VIDEO](youtu.be/vtZdQyhuaog)**
In grip intensive workouts, it helps to find little windows of opportunity to help preserve grip as best possible. Today, we can focus on the grip to help athletes conserve energy and maximize performance. It’s a small nuance that can make a huge impact on the quality of movement.

** BAR MUSCLE-UP (6:00) [8:00-14:00]** – [Instruction Video](youtu.be/Ee-bX6o9KOU)
**Focus: Toes in front, squeeze the lats down, toes slightly in front of the bar when cycling**
We will focus on three areas of the BMU today.
1) In the back swing, keep the toes in front of the bar longer.
2) Keep the arms longer, for longer, by squeezing/pressing down on the bar.
3) Maintain a hollow body position on the reset (coming down), by keeping the feet slightly in front of the bar

5 Kip Swings *(Focus: Toe position and height in back swing – look for the toes)*
3 Kip Swings *(Focus: Length of arms in the back swing – the press down never ends)*
2 BMU *(Focus: trajectory of body and toe position in relation to the bar)*

*For athletes who cannot perform BMU’s, have them work on Chest-to-Bar or Chin Pull-Ups. If they do not have strict Pull-Ups, they can work on the Kip Swing.*

BARBELL TECHNIQUE & WARM-UP SETS (5:00) [14:00-19:00]
**Empty Barbell**
5 Power Cleans
5 Push Press
5 Front Squat
5 Thrusters *(Focus: Loosen the grip to allow the elbows to come forward)*

**Warm-Up Set with Coach:**
1 set of:
3 x 1 Power Clean + 2 Thrusters
*light load*

Athletes add load to start the “Lifting” section.

**For 6:00, Every :90:**
1 Power Clean + 2 Thrusters
(4 sets)

De-load the bar to the workout load.

**Reminder: Athletes should be able to perform 20 repetitions unbroken when fresh.**
5 Cal Machine
3 Bar Muscle-ups
6 Thrusters

STRATEGY & WORKOUT [30:00-52:00]
* For the machine consider holding a split time that is :5-:10 higher than your 2k pace. The cardio is there to pre-fatique the athlete, but not crush the athlete. This will feel relatively “easy”, that’s ok…stick to it, and relax the grip as much as possible.
* We cannot forget that we have 40 moderate Thrusters after the BMU, so when grip feels taxed, rest. Do the math and figure out what 30 reps looks like for you (i.e., 10-6-6-4-4 or maybe 8-7-6-5-4).
* If we made the right call on loading, we should be able to get at least 10-12 repetitions before taking a break. Loosening the hands as the bar returns to the shoulders will help with grip and bar placement in the rack. Dig deep towards the end of the Thrusters – this will be “the fight”.

**[General Order – 1) Can Scale Intensity via loads, reps/distance, time 2) Movements via modifications, substitutions or replacement (injury)]**

* Decrease Reps
* Jumping Bar Muscle-ups
* Burpee Pull-ups (with or without band or jumping)
* Burpee + 2 Ring Rows

* Decrease Load/Reps
* Single Dumbbell Thruster
* Front Squat
* Push Press

2:00 Recovery
1:00 Wrist Stretch (:30 each side) [Video](youtu.be/aZnV43YeHmw)
1:00 Shoulder to Floor (:30 each side) [Video](youtu.be/X7niYF6vG7M)
1:00 Couch Stretch (:30 each side) [Video](youtu.be/STEDuqJ-UR4)

Reminder – An endurance workout is offered every Tue and Thur alongside our regular workout. These endurance workouts typically include a longer time duration, lighter weights combined with extra running, rowing, skiing, or air biking. If you do not finish them or feel they are too challenging due to total time of work, feel free to scale or adjust the time occasionally.

CFR Endurance WOD – 30 minutes

Climb the ladder as high as possible for total reps, in 30 minutes of…

5,10,15,20,25… and so on climbing by 5’s until time expires…

Power Cleans 95/65
Thrusters 95/65
Calorie Machine

*You can scale pullups 1:1 to with any variation (jumping, banded, ring rows, etc)