W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday


W.O.D. and Endurance Thursday

“Your obsessions become your possessions.” – Ed Mylett

The word “obsessed” gets a bad rap.
And there’s indeed some merit to that.

But let’s try to define “to be obsessed” a little further. What it’s not defined by is “hours put in”. That may be correlation, but not causality. One is truly obsessed with something when their passion and fire for “that thing” is so great, that their willpower will see them through even the harshest of storms. Where every other person quits… they push on. To one who is obsessed, failure is simply not an option.

Be obsessed with reaching our dreams.
Be obsessed with becoming a better husband. A better wife.
A better son, a better daughter. A better friend, a better neighbor.

Be obsessed with what we care about the most. Our fiercest willpower, pointed in the right direction, is the most powerful thing in the world.

Conditioning WOD – 21 minutes

On the 7:00 x 3 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
9 Double Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts
200 Meter Run
7 Double Dumbbell Burpee Power Cleans (elbows through at top)
200 Meter Run
5 Double Dumbbell Burpee Clean & Jerks

DBs 50s/35s KBs 55s/35s (note what you used on Sugar WOD)

*Score = Slowest Round. Log all three round times.

Limited Equipment
If limited on DB’s, have athlete use KB’s without keeping the hands on the KB during the Burpee. The hands would be on the ground. Disclaimer: We suggest to reserve KB’s for more experienced athletes as they are more awkward to maneuver.

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-5:00]
21:00 workout.
Every 7:00 complete the work written.
Rest until 7:00 expires and repeat for 2 more rounds.
One round should ~5:00. 4:30 will be fast and -6:00, leaving ~1:00-2:30 to rest.
The goal is to sustain a challenging time across all 3 rounds
The score is the slowest round. Log all times for all three rounds.
As we return to the DB, the movement becomes more complex and the range-of-motion increase, and the repetitions decrease by 2 across the three movements (9-7-5).
This allows for a similiar time stimulus for all 3 DB movements (~:30-45).
Loading should push athletes to remain unbroken for all 3 rounds.

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
Activate/Get Hot
On a 7:00 clock:
200m Jog/Run
10 Active Spiderman Video
10 Push-Up to Down-Dog Video
10 Frog Hops w/ a :30 in the Squat
10 DB Push Press (with lighter load unless game weight is “lighter”)
200m Run (faster; check the clock as a test for the workout)

SPECIFIC WARM-UP [12:00-22:00]
FOCUS: “PARTY FEET” – Move the feet for efficiency Video
Today, we will focus on the width of the feet. Depending on where we are in the lift, the width of the foot can help make the movement feel easier and lighter, or harder and heavier. We will go back and forth between a narrow stance to a wider stance across the 3 movements. See the ‘Daily Video’ for a more detailed insight.

Demo: DB Burpee Deadlift / DB Burpee Power Clean / DB Burpee Clean & Jerk Video

DB Burpee Deadlift – (feet stay narrow for the Deadlift)
6 DB Deadlifts – Right Arm (Brace before standing up)
6 DB Deadlifts – Left Arm
6 Double DB Deadlifts
6 Double DB Push-Ups (Assess for DB placement for the Burpee)
4 Double DB Burpee Deadlifts

DB Burpee Power Clean – (feet start narrow, land wider in PC, and return to narrow for the Burpee)
4 Double DB Deadlift-Shrug
4 Double DB Power Cleans (Assess for footwork – narrow to wider to narrow)
2 Double DB Burpee Power Cleans (Assess for footwork – narrow to wider to narrow)

DB Burpee Clean & Jerk – (feet start narrow, land wider in the PC, stay wide in the PJ, and return to narrow for the Burpee)
4 Double DB Push Press
4 Double DB Push Jerks
2 Double DB Clean & Jerks
2 Double DB Burpee Clean & Jerks )Assess for footwork: feet start narrow, land wider in the PC, stay wide in the PJ, and return to narrow for the Burpee)

PRACTICE ROUND [22:00-27:00]
1 Round with Workout Load
Run 100m
5 Double DB Burpee Deadlifts
4 Double DB Burpee Power Cleans
3 2 Double DB Burpee Clean & Jerks

STRATEGY & WORKOUT [27:00-48:00]

  • Maintain an upright torso to counter the amount of trunk flexion on the DB’s. Relax the shoulders. Run at a pace that allows for fast movement on the DB’s. Going :10 slower on the run may allow you to move faster on the DB’s.
  • Every time you stand up with the DB’s, brace HARD through the mid-section! The trunk may be slightly rounded due to the height of the DB on the ground, but we should still brace and lift the chest as hard as we can.
  • “Party Feet” to save the arms. Move the feet in and out as needed. Reminder: the stance you choose must help you display the points of the performance for that movement. Moving poorly, even though quicker, is not how we achieve long-term health and fitness.

COOL-DOWN [48:00-60:00]
2:00 Recovery
After Bash – Tabata DB Static Holds
:20 Hold / :10 Rest – alternate between:
Squat Hold
Double DB Overhead Hold

1:00 Pigeon (each side)
1:00 Child’s Pose + Shoulder to Floor (each side)

[General Order – 1) Can Scale Intensity via loads, reps/distance, time 2) Movements via modifications, substitutions or replacement (injury)]


  • Decrease Distance
  • 12/9 Calorie Bike
  • 12/9 Calorie Ski Erg
  • 15/12 Calorie Row


  • Decrease Weight
  • Decrease Reps
  • Burpee + DB Deadlift
  • Burpee


  • Decrease Weight
  • Decrease Reps
  • Burpee + DB Power Clean
  • Burpees to a Target
  • Burpees


  • Decrease Weight
  • Decrease Reps
  • Burpee + DB Clean and Jerk
  • Burpee Broad Jumps
  • Burpee

CFR Endurance WOD – 30 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 30 minutes of…

400m Run (10m = 1 rep)
14 Single DB Burpee Deadlifts 35/20 (alternating)
12 Single DB Burpee Power Cleans
10 Single DB Burpee Clean & Jerks
20/15 Calorie Machine

*Alternate each arm after each burpee on DB movements
*DB is 35/20 throughout
*If short on DBs find a KB of similar weight and note on sugar WOD

Extra Work

[Designed for members wanting a little more – to be completed outside of the 60-minute class]*

On the Minute x 5:
5 “Touch and Go” Power Snatches

The Intention is to keep the same weight across all five sets.
Aim for a load between 70-75% of your 1RM.