W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 10/22/19


W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 10/22/19


“Trade your expectation for appreciation, and the world changes around you” – Tony Robbins

There will be a final cup of morning coffee for us.
There will be the last chance for us to listen to the radio.
And if we are lucky enough to have kids, there will be a last time we get to sit in traffic as we drive them to school.

As Tony Robbins quotes, if we can remove expectations from the norm, and replace them with a sense of gratitude, our entire world changes. We start to see the abundance in life again, versus it being blended into the background.

Strength – 15 minutes

Find a heavy 3 rep hang power clean

  • Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to a heavy set of 3 hang power cleans
  • They can aim to complete one set every 1:30-2:00 (7-10 sets)
  • Make it a point to get around to each athlete for feedback on their cleans, as it will be hard to make significant change during the 12-minute workout

Conditioning WOD – 12 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 12 minutes of…
15 Burpees
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
6 Push Jerks (155/105)


  • Barbell cycling is the focus of this two part workout
  • In part 1, athletes will build to a heavy set of 3 hang power cleans
  • In part 2, athletes will complete a twist on the Hero Workout “DT”
  • Looking to complete 4-6 rounds within the 12 minutes of work, or a round every 2-3 minutes


  • The burpees today are standard burpees requiring chest to deck, full extension, and a small clap overhead


  • Athletes are ideally using one weight for the barbell today based on the movement that challenges them the most
  • The most challenging movements in this complex are typically the hang power cleans and push jerks
  • Athletes should choose a weight that allows them to complete the hang power cleans in 2-3 quick sets and the push jerks unbroken throughout the workout
  • If on the fence, it’s better to go lighter and get a lot of work done within the 12-minute window

On the burpees, let’s think about flopping down with as much help from gravity as possible. If we control the burpee down too much with the arms, the lockout on the push jerks can become especially more difficult. Flop down on the ground to avoid excessive eccentric loading of the arms.

The hands play an important role in all our barbell movements today. For the deadlift, the first thing we can consider is grip. For the first 11 deadlifts, the mixed grip will be the best option. This is where one palm faces the body and the other faces away. This grip takes a lot of the forearm burn out of the movement. Before the 12th and final deadlift, switching to the hook grip will make for an easy transition the hang power cleans.

Another thing we can do with the is slightly flex the wrists so the hand moved back towards the body. This slight flexion can increase lat activation and help keep the weight closer to the body. We can carry this over into the hang power clean and well.

Hands on the Jump
The hook grip is a must with heavier hang power cleans. It helps athletes secure themselves to the weight and jump hard with the legs. Without the hook grip, the arms tend to take over more than the legs. Just like we talked about on the deadlift, slightly flexing the wrists back towards the body will better utilize the lats and make the weight easier to control.

Hands on the Catch
After you reach triple extension and feel the weightless moment, relax the hands so that bar can sit on the body. Keeping a death grip on the bar makes it really hard for the elbows to move quickly. If you have good mobility and fast elbows, you might be able to hold onto the hook grip. If you lack mobility and elbow speed, loosening up the hands is the best option.

Just like on the cleans, only hold the hook grip overhead if you can maintain a good position. Typically you are better off just wrapping your thumb around the bar without the hook grip so the hand and wrist can settle into a more natural position. We can also think about punching the hands hard towards the ceiling so you catch each rep with arms locked out.


  • Consistent rounds are key today
  • Going purposefully slow at the beginning can really help later on in the workout
  • Especially with the weight on the bar, this is a workout where we could really slow down
  • It’s not about going fast early, it’s about establishing a pace and holding it


  • Especially coming off the burpee, the deadlift is a great movement to break up a bunch
  • It allows you to catch your breath a bit and have more energy for the more challenging movements
  • No matter what rep scheme we use, we’ll always break before the last deadlift to transition to the hook grip
    • 2 Sets: 11-1
    • 3 Sets: 6-5-1
    • 4 Sets: 4-4-3-1


  • We can also plan some breaks on the hang power cleans
  • Just like the deadlifts, we’ll always break with 1 rep to go to ensure unbroken push jerks
  • 2 Sets: 8-1
  • 3 Sets: 5-3-1
  • 4 Sets: 3-3-2-1


  • Taking a little extra rest before completing the last hang power clean is worth going unbroken on the push jerks
  • If we break the push jerks, we have to do extra hang power cleans that don’t count towards the score
  • Set yourself up for unbroken push jerks


  • After your last push jerk, just drop to the ground and start moving on your next round of burpees
  • Knowing we can break the deadlifts into several sets, aim to keeping moving at a steady pace through your 15 burpees

*Reminder – An endurance workout is offered every Tue and Thur alongside our regular workout. These endurance workouts typically include a longer time duration, lighter weights combined with extra running, rowing or air biking. If you do not finish them or feel they are too challenging due to total time of work, feel free to scale or adjust the time occasionally.

CFR Endurance WOD – 35 min cap

4 rounds for time of…
400m Run
25 Deadlifts
20 Hang Power Cleans
15 Push Jerks
10 Burpees

Extra Work (before or after class)

*These workouts will be programmed occasionally (2-3 times a week) and are for those athletes in the gym who want a little bit more outside of class to help them be more competitive in the Open or other competitions. These pieces are typically higher skill and are intended to be completed before or after class.

Move intentionally between movements with very little rest. Rest 1 minutes after all 3 are completed.

3 Sets of 5 – Bench Press
3 Sets of 10 – Pistol Squats (one legged)
3 Sets of 15 – Pausing Glute Bridges
Rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.

*Example – Bench, Pistols, Glute bridges, rest. Repeat 2 more times.
*Scaling for pistols – watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q11UwY5gd0A