W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 10/6/20


W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 10/6/20

“Let character be your loudest statement.”

The football player wears shoulder pads and a helmet.
The chef puts on an apron.
The accountant brings a suitcase.
These are all identifiables that may come to mind when thinking of those individuals.

What are yours?

Be hard on yourself here. How would others define you?

Let character be what defines you.

Conditioning WOD – 25 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Buy-In: 100 Double Unders
12 Power Cleans (135/95)
4 Burpee Box Overs (24″/20″)

Rest 5 Minutes

Buy-In: 100 Double Unders
8 Power Cleans (155/105)
4 Burpee Box Overs (24″/20″)

Rest 5 Minutes

Buy-In: 100 Double Unders
4 Power Cleans (185/125)
4 Burpee Box Overs (24″/20″)

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00 – 5:00]

  • We’ll alternate between 5 minutes of work and rest in this fast-paced interval piece
  • Each round begins with a buy-in of double unders that only happen once
  • After clearing the reps on the rope, we’ll complete max round and reps of power cleans and burpee box overs
  • Record your total rounds and reps of these two movements for each round
  • Your final score will be the 3 round+reps scores added together


  • Choose a rep number or variation that allows this station to be cleared in 2 minutes or less
  • This gives you at least 3 minutes, the majority of each interval, to work on the scored portion


  • The reps decrease with each interval as the weight will increase
  • This drop in reps and increase in weight should allow you to maintain similar scores across the board today
  • Consider the following recommendations when choosing your weights:
  • 1st Barbell: Light-Moderate Weight You Can Cycle for 15+ Reps Unbroken When Fresh
  • 2nd Barbell: Moderate Weight You Can Cycle for 9+ Reps Unbroken When Fresh
  • 3rd Barbell: Moderately Heavy Weight You Can Cycle for 6+ Reps Unbroken When Fresh


  • Face the box in the burpee portion of the movements (NO LATERAL REPS)
  • You can jump-up or step-up off the floor
  • Jump-up to the box for “RX”
  • There is no need to reach full extension on top of the box

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
30 Seconds Each
With Lower Box Height:
Single Unders
Active Spidermans Video
Box Step-ups

Single Unders
Frog Hops Video
Box Step-ups

Single Unders
Slow Burpees
Box Step-ups

Barbell Warmup
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Press & Reach
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

MOBILITY [12:00-15:00]
Wrist Stretch on Box: 40 Seconds (Each Direction)

Front Rack Stretch: 1 Minute

Soft Landing
Let’s treat our lower body as shocks today and look to land softly on all movements. The most simple place to start practicing this is the box jump portion of the burpee box over. When we jump up to the box, we can absorb our weight by bending the knees soft and landing with the hips back. Use your ears and try to make your landing quiet as we warm up this movement.

Movement Prep
5 Box Jumps (Lower Box)
5 Burpee Box Overs (Workout Height)

Soft Landing
We can keep our landing soft on the jump rope by keeping the feet underneath the body throughout the jump. If the feet pike forward or flick backwards, we’ll land with a lot more force than if the feet stayed centered. This soft landing is more sustainable and will help us string together more reps by minimizing trip points with the rope.

Movement Prep
20 Seconds Single Unders
20 Seconds Double Under Practice

Soft Landing
The most important movement to focus on a soft landing is the power clean, as we’re absorbing a lot of external weight. A lot of times we can shoot the hips in front of the bar to get the weight into the front rack quickly, but we end up catching the bar with a “muted hip”. We want to keep these power cleans and not power leans by landing in the same position we did on the box.

Movement Prep
15 Second Receiving Position Hold
5 Power Cleans

Build to All Workout Weights

PRACTICE ROUND [25:00-30:00]
1 Round
With First Round Weight:
10 Double Unders
3 Power Cleans
3 Burpee Box Overs

STRATEGY + WOD [30:00-60:00]

  • Coming off 5-minutes of rest and with shorter window, see if you can work through bigger sets on the rope
  • You want to balance out getting to the barbell quickly, while also feeling like you’re ready to move the weight
  • Consider the following options for each set of 100:
  • 1 Set: 100
  • 2 Sets: 50-50
  • 3 Sets: 40-30-30
  • 4 Sets: 25-25-25-25
  • 5 Sets: 20-20-20-20-20


  • Once you’re at the barbell, we want to do whatever we can to stay moving forward
  • For some athletes this might mean touch-and-go sets, for some it might mean quick singles
  • A combination of the two can also work really well
  • With this option, you hold on for a max set of unbroken reps to start each set
  • When you hit a wall, you immediately transition to quick singles
  • This gets you deep into the set before going to the slower, but consistent option


  • Your speed here will be dependent on how much time remains in each round
  • If you know you’re getting back to the barbell with plenty of time, move at a steady pace that allows you to thrive on the bar
  • If time is running out, move at a fast speed that allows you to squeeze out a few more reps before the 5 minutes is up


  • Reduce Reps
  • 150 Single Unders
  • 2:30 of Practice
  • 100 Double Taps (Equal Reps) Video
  • 150 Line Hops Video
  • 50 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops Video


  • 12 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans (All Rounds)
  • 6 Single Dumbbell Power Cleans (Each Arm) Video
  • 12 Odd Object Power Cleans Video


  • 12 Burpees

Option 1 – Extra work (before or after class)

Heavy Barbell Cycling

Work up to a heavy 2 rep touch n’ go Power Clean
***For a guide – a 2 rep clean should be 5-10% less than your 1 rep

Option 2 – Extra Work (before or after class)

Not for Time:
500 Meter Row, 35 GHD Sit-ups
500 Meter Row, 25 GHD Sit-ups
500 Meter Row, 15 GHD Sit-ups

*Reminder – An endurance workout is offered every Tue and Thur alongside our regular workout.  These endurance workouts typically include a longer time duration, lighter weights combined with extra running, rowing, or air biking. If you do not finish them or feel they are too challenging due to total time of work, feel free to scale or adjust the time occasionally.

CFR Endurance WOD – 30 minutes

2 rounds for time of…

400m Ski, 500m Row, or 1200m Bike
35 Double Unders
30 Power Cleans 95/65
25 Burpee Box Overs 24/20
200m Med Ball Run 30/20