W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 11/19/19


W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 11/19/19

*The daily and endurance workout will be the same today!


“There is but one degree of commitment; total.” – Arnie Sherr

When we are “interested” in something, we’ll do what’s convenient. But when we are “”committed”” to something… we’ll do whatever it takes.

When we are only interested in a goal, one that doesn’t deeply drive us, we’ll feel the first obstacle that comes our way… and stop. We can find compromises, and comfort-based decisions, given how the uncomfortableness of the inevitable struggle is stronger than our will to win.

Yet, what the quote urges us to do, is to fully commit. Before we embark on the journey, to fully sit and realize the work that is to come. The challenges we’ll face. And to visualize, overcoming all of them. To build this will to be so strong, that no amount of obstacles could ever stop it.

Struggle is guaranteed. The difference will be our level of commitment amidst. No matter where we go in life, let’s go with our full heart.

Conditioning WOD – 45 min cap

3 Rounds:
40/30 Calorie Bike
800 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
20 Burpees


  • We move from a big weightlifting focus yesterday to a big machine and bodyweight cardio focus today
  • This 3 round workout is intended to be on the longer side: 30-40 minutes or 10-13 minutes per round
  • We’ll allot 45 minutes for this workout, which includes a potential 4-minute stagger if you’re short on bikes or rowers or athletes starting on different movements
  • With the longer workout, we’ll touch on our teaching points for the simple movements as a part of the group warmup today to streamline things


  • The row meters will be the same for all athletes


  • If unable to run, increase the bike or row distances to accommodate:
  • Bike: Increase by 28/20 Calories
  • Row: Increase by 500 Meters


  • These are standard burpees, requiring chest to floor, hands overhead, and air under the feet

*With a longer workout today, let’s touch on our one focus today as we warm these movements up. This focus is good posture. There are similarities in posture that can apply to each movement today. The run and the burpees are the movements where athletes are on their feet. The row and the bike are the seated movements. Reference the short lists below for posture points of performance for each of these groupings. *


  1. Stand Tall
  2. Eyes Forward
  3. Chest Up
  4. No Bend at Waist


  1. Sit Tall
  2. Eyes Forward
  3. Chest Up
  4. Slight Bend Forward at Waist (In Catch For Row)


  • 3 round workouts are always a good test of pacing
  • This longer cardio workout is all about finding your maximum sustainable pace
  • Today is a great opportunity to have a plan and see if it works out
  • Before the workout begins, envision what your speed and effort will feel like about 10-12 minutes into the workout
  • If we determine our pace based on how we feel in the first 2-3 minutes, it may be too fast
  • Determining your pace off fast you think you’ll be going somewhere in the middle of the workout can help you stay consistent across the board
  • During the workout, make a mental note of how long each round took you and evaluate your pacing strategy after the workout is over

Extra Work

*These workouts will be programmed occasionally (2-3 times a week) and are for those athletes in the gym who want a little bit more outside of class to help them be more competitive in the Open or other competitions. These pieces are typically higher skill and are intended to be completed before or after class.

Strict Gymnastics
4 Giant Sets For Quality:
10 Ring Rows (as horizontal as possible)
:10-:20 Second Ring Dip Hold at top