W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 12/18/18


W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 12/18/18

New and Improved FitKids program going into the New Year!

Those who are returning, will receive 20% off your first month to re-enroll…

Based on our members needs, our CFR FitKids program has been refined further with a best case schedule but also the quality to bring your kids a more specific way to stay physically and mentally healthy, while also being extremely affordable, so you can invest in your children! This allows the parents and their kiddos to workout at the same time, specific to each’s needs!

We wrap up this year on Friday, and will be restarting January 7th with a new schedule!
(Mondays/Thursdays 5:30PM)

1. FitKids Mondays 5:30pm

-Available for kids in grades K-5 (members and non-members)
-Multiple coach led classes
-Child will warm up, workout and play games all in a friendly and fun group setting.
-Year long programming, join in anytime!

Our goal at CFR FitKids is to have your child learn good movement and keep them active and safe through a variety of fun activities, games and workouts. We introduce the fundamentals of functional fitness to your child appropriate for their age and ability level. We also discuss topics on health and wellness like staying active outside of the gym, sound food and meal choices and good rest and recovery practices. These methods and programming are research backed and based on training methodologies presented for kids by CrossFit.

2. FitKids Skill Development Thursdays 5:30pm

-Must be enrolled in our Monday classes to attend this session- our 2 day a week program)
-Available for 2nd grade and older (based upon maturity level)
-Large focus on fundamentals of movements
-Develop technique while increasing balance, coordination, speed and agility.
-Year long programming, join in anytime!

At the Skill Development class kids will become more familiar and confident with the foundational movements presented in FitKids. By expanding on technique and integrating these movements and accessory work in fun challenges and enjoyable games your child will build strength, efficiency, awareness and increase their overall physical literacy. Skill Development affords more individualized coaching for FitKids to grow in sport and gain abilities to climb, jump, run, better, higher and faster.

Cost – 

2x a week – $55 a month ($45 for additional sibling)
1x a week – $40 a month ($35 for additional sibling)

Pay in full for 3,6,or 12 months for 10% off total

Join the CFR FitKids page if you haven’t and holler with any questions!
You can talk with either Coach Adam Chmielik, Coach Marcia BrandMarie McReynolds Burks, or myself.

Have a great week!

Conditioning AND Endurance WOD – 20/30minutes

*ENDURANCE will be the exact same workout as the daily except it will be a 30 minute clock, and you will run 400m at the end of each round (~40 reps if caught on the run, 10m =1rep to estimate your score when time is called)

*ENDURANCE, for safety on running until a better solution is found, you have 2 choices on running path. Either the same route, EXCEPT you run on the grass next to the shoulder of the road OR you run down the sidewalk on the side of the building, across the grass to the road and then to the middle of the circle and then come back the same way

*Athletes – the stimulus for each of these workouts is different. If you do not choose the endurance, your daily workout is built to have a greater intensity. This means no running, less breaks, constantly moving with a faster pace. Endurance could not sustain the same intensity as the daily workout. Based on your personal goals, body awareness, and comfort level, determines which one you take on. Just a thought- intensity brings greater results for overall fitness. Based on this, which one can you keep intensity high. Either way, go get it 🙂

As many rounds + reps as possible in 20 minutes of…
20 Wall balls 20/14
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75/55
20 Box Jumps 24/20
20 Ring Push Ups
20/14 Calorie Row

Post total rounds + reps/cals achieved!