W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 4/24/18


W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 4/24/18


Open to EVERYONE, come join the only place in the area that offers yoga with a certified instructor, for $10 unlimited use for members OR $25 for unlimited use for non-members, offered 3 times a week!

Tuesdays at 7:30PM
Thursdays at 10:15AM and 7:30PM

All classes have childcare included. See you there!


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*Today, the WOD and Endurance will be the same workout as the daily WOD

*For newbies – the endurance class is offered every Tue and Thur alongside our regular workout.  These endurance workouts typically include a longer time duration, lighter weights combined with extra running, rowing or air biking.

Conditioning AND Endurance WOD – 30 minutes

Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes (5 rds) complete…
Min 1:  14/10 Calorie Row (M/F)
Min 2:  10 Box Overs 24/20  CompRX – 30/24
Min 3:  200m Run
Min 4:  10 Chest to Bar Pullups CompRX – 5 Bar MUs
Min 5:  10 Alt. DB Clean and Jerk 50/35 R/L=2
Min 6:  Rest

*Coaches – please line rowers up in any area of the main gym, place boxes in one area, and then the dumbbells in another area, keeping all athletes on one side of the gym.   Also, based on larger classes and limited equipment at times, have 3-4 groups starting on different movements and rotating through, but all resting on minute 6 together each round

*If minute laps you on any movement, scale that movement by completing as many reps as possible in approx 50 seconds of that minute, allowing you time to transition

*Scale Chest to Bar with 1:1 with any pull ups variation taught by the coach (pull ups, jumping, banded, barbell)

*DB on clean and jerk must touch the ground each rep and be locked out overhead

Post whether you completed the workout CompRX, RX, or scaled and make sure to jot down how you scaled if possible!