W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 6/23/20


W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 6/23/20


“There is but one degree of commitment; total.” – Arnie Sherr

When we are “interested” in something, we’ll do what’s convenient. But when we are “committed” to something… we’ll do whatever it takes.

When we are only interested in a goal, one that doesn’t deeply drive us, we’ll feel the first obstacle that comes our way… and stop. We can find compromises, and comfort-based decisions, given how the uncomfortableness of the inevitable struggle is stronger than our will to win.

Yet, what the quote urges us to do, is to fully commit. Before we embark on the journey, to fully sit and realize the work that is to come. The challenges we’ll face. And to visualize, overcoming all of them. To build this will to be so strong, that no amount of obstacles could ever stop it.

Struggle is guaranteed. The difference will be our level of commitment amidst. No matter where we go in life, let’s go with our full heart.

Conditioning WOD – 25 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 25 minutes of…
Buy-In: 1 Mile Run

AMRAP In Time Remaining:
50 Double Unders
35 Air Squats
20 Dumbbell Plank Rows (50’s/35’s)





  • Today’s long workout begins with a “buy-in” 1 mile run
  • The run only happens one time at the start of the workout
  • With whatever time remains in the workout following the run, you’ll complete as many rounds as you can of double unders, air squats, and dumbbell plank rows
  • Your score will be the total number of rounds and reps of those 3 stations
  • You can expect the mile run to take between 6-12 minutes, giving you about 12-15 minutes to work through the scored portion of the workout


  • Choose a rep number or variation that allows you to complete this station in right around 1 minute


  • From a push-up plank position with hands gripping dumbbells, you’ll alternate rowing 1 dumbbell up to your chest
  • We’ll complete a total of 20 reps, or 10 each side
  • At the top, ensure the dumbbell makes contact with the body before lowering the weight back down
  • Choose a dumbbell weight that you are capable of completing for 20+ reps unbroken when fresh
  • Click Here to see a video of this movement


  • If unable to run, see further down the page for a list of modifications



Pull Up

We can use our jump rope to improve our running technique and efficiency. Running in place while skipping rope trains us to do a coupe things. First, it works on pulling the foot up to right underneath the hips with the hamstrings. The rope moving around the body is a nice piece of feedback to avoid kicking backwards and forwards. Secondly, it works on absorbing the weight of our body through the front of the foot. Absorbing weight through the front of the foot is natural on the rope, but less natural when running with shoes. After spending some time doing single under in place like you are jogging, we’ll look to feel out the pull up and soft landing during a run.

Movement Prep

1 Minute Running Jump Rope in Place
100 Meter Run


Kiss the Heels

On the jump rope, whether doing singles or doubles, we want to gently kiss the heels on the ground with each jump after absorbing the weight with the front of the foot. If we stay on the toes the whole time, the calves never get a chance to relax and can fatigue a lot faster. Kissing the heels on the ground allows the calves to contract and relax, while provides more of a bounce while pushing off fatigue

Movement Prep

20 Seconds Easy Single Unders
20 Seconds High Single Unders
20 Seconds Double Under Practice


Glue the Heels

Even though we’re kissing the heels to the ground in the run and double unders, we do spend far more time on the front of the foot. Let’s try and forget that during the squats. Look to glue the heels to the floor for this movement. The heels are the main priority, followed by the big toe and pinky toe also pushed into the floor to create a “foot tripod”.

Movement Prep

5 Pausing Air Squats
10 Air Squats



The most important word in this movement is the work “plank”. The big focus today is maintaining a strong plank position across the 20 reps. We’ll set-up with the elbows stacked directly under the shoulders with a straight line from head to toe. The belly, butt, and quads are squeezed tight to prevent any sagging or rising of the hips. Foot position will be athlete dependent. A wider foot position will make it easier to stabilize the weights, but a more narrows foot position will challenge the midline more. Adjust your feet to a position that balances out comfort with good mechanics.

Movement Prep

With Lighter Weight:
20 Second Plank Hold
8 Plank Rows (4 Each Side)



  • 2,000 Meter Row
  • 2,000 Meter Ski Erg
  • 4,800 Meter Bike


  • Reduce Reps
  • Single Unders
  • Practice Time Caps
  • Double Taps (Equal Reps) Video
  • Line Hops (Equal Reps) Video
  • Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops (1/2 Reps) Video


  • Single Dumbbell Plank Rows Video
  • Front Plank to Push-up Plank Video
  • 30 Shoulder Taps Video



  • With challenging work ahead of you after the buy-in run, let’s move with intelligent intensity here
  • Imagine you’re going out for a 2-3 mile run instead of a 1 mile run
  • This smart pace will set you up nicely to keeping moving on the scored portion of the workout that takes place inside the gym


  • The combination of these two movements will likely be very challenging on the upper body and midline
  • It’s important to find a speed from the first round of work that you see yourself sustaining in the rounds that follow
  • The reason we say “speed” instead of “break-up plan” is that you can still hold the same reps, but rest much longer between sets as the workout goes along
  • Instead of fixating on the rep number, try to clear each of these movements within a similar time frame across the workout
  • The “-“, or time between sets, can often be more important that the size of the sets themselves
  • Consider the following set numbers, while paying attention to how those sets will effect your rest time
  • Double Unders:
  • 1 Set: 50
  • 2 Sets: 30-20 or 25-25
  • 3 Sets: 25-15-10
  • 4 Sets: 20-10-10-10
  • 5 Sets: 10-10-10-10-10
  • Dumbbell Plank Rows:
  • 1 Set: 20
  • 2 Sets: 10-10
  • 3 Sets: 8-7-5
  • 4 Sets: 5-5-5-5
  • 5 Sets: 4-4-4-4-4


  • The air squats will allow you to keep moving forward each round and will likely be the least challenging of the 3 scored movements
  • Use this station as an opportunity to make progress while setting yourself up effectively for the rows and double unders
  • Keep the upper body in a good position while staying relaxed through these 35 reps
  • The more confident you are in holding your speed through the rows and the double unders, the faster you can move here


Row Conditioning

4 Rounds:
30/21 Calorie Row
Rest 1 Minute
15/12 Calorie Row
Rest 30 Seconds