W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 6/25/19


W.O.D. and Endurance Tuesday 6/25/19

Strength – 16 minutes

Build to Heavy Hang Squat Snatch Single

*Athletes – based on your squat snatch form and/or mobility, you may hang snatch then overhead squat or just hang power snatch to help you develop your hang squat snatch form over the course of this strength portion and the workout as needed

  • 15 minutes to build to a heavy hang squat snatch from the floor
  • Each rep begins with a deadlift, then the rep is taken from above the knee
  • As coaches, this is the best time to make positive change in the hang squat snatch
  • Coaches- work your way around the room, starting with athletes who may be newer or need more attention to their form
  • First half is lighter technique work, add more weight in the second half if things are looking good


“I don’t like that man. I should get to know him better.” – Abraham Lincoln

Perspective is everything.

In the abundance mindset, there is the belief all human beings are good. No one is born evil. The differences, between a terrorist and a police officer, in their own mind, believe they are doing “the right thing”. The difference between the two are their interpretations, and understanding, of the world. Massive differences, but still at the root, perspectives.

A situation we can all relate to from some point in our lives, is poor first impression. An introduction to someone who… you’d rather not spend another second on. After the interaction, you want to distance yourself as far away as possible. Yet, life puts us right back next to them, not by choice, but by chance.

And we talk.
And we strike some common ground.
And we understand.
And things… change. We may not be close friends, but, that animosity we initially felt is no longer there. The brief amount of time we spent talking with them afforded us the chance to better understand their perspective. And why they came across that way.

Next time we find ourselves feel the wave of animosity towards someone, remind ourselves… we just need to get to know them a little bit better.

Conditioning WOD – 9 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 9 minutes of…
10 Hang Squat Snatches 75/55
30 Double Unders


  • Hang Squat Snatch focused two part workout
  • For athletes who have no goals of competing in the sport of CrossFit, hang power snatches may be a nice option to keep technique on point and risk low
  • Looking for weights and variations that get athletes at least 4 rounds today (2:15 per round)


  • Choose a variation you will complete with no more than one break


  • Choose a light weight that you could complete 21+ reps when fresh and within 2 sets during the workout

Knees Forward, Knees Back
Both of our movements today require a vertical jump for the most efficient path. Any movement forward or backwards with the barbell or the feet is wasted energy. One way to focus on keeping an upright chest while keeping the feet under the shoulders is to think “knees forward, knees back”. Knees forward in the loading position of the jump keeps the body upright, where pressing the knees back to a straight position in the jump creates our elevation and can prevents the feet from kicking back behind the body.

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
45 Seconds of Double Under Practice
45 Single Unders

Don’t Swing
Our focus on the barbell today is to get the body in a vertical jumping position. This knee position differs from that of a kettlebell swing, where we want the weight to travel slightly forward and up. On any olympic lift, we want all the momentum traveling in a straight line overhead. This will make the bar easier to receive in the bottom of the squat, where balance is key.

Movement Substitutions
Hang Power Snatches
Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat


  • Although a relatively small number on both movements, breaking these up into two sets from the beginning can be helpful in maintain a solid pace throughout
  • Breaking because you want to early on will keep you in control later on


  • 2 Sets: 15-15 or 20-10


  • 2 Sets: 5-5 or 6-

*Reminder – An endurance workout is offered every Tue and Thur alongside our regular workout. These endurance workouts typically include a longer time duration, lighter weights combined with extra running, rowing or air biking. If you do not finish them or feel they are too challenging due to total time of work, feel free to scale or adjust the time occasionally.

CFR Endurance WOD – 30 min cap

*Athletes – based on your squat snatch form and/or mobility, you may hang snatch then overhead squat or hang power snatch to help you develop your hang squat snatch form over the course of the workout

For time…
800m Run
80 Double Unders
20/15 Calorie Row
20 Hang Squat Snatches 75/55

600m Run
60 Double Unders
20/15 Cal Row
20 Hang Squat Snatches

400m Run
40 Double Unders
20/15 Cal Row
20 Hang Squat Snatches

200m Run
20 Double Unders
20/15 Cal Row
20 Hang Squat Snatches