W.O.D. and Enudrance Thursday 2/11/21


W.O.D. and Enudrance Thursday 2/11/21

***Daily workout and Endurance will be the same today!

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.” – Edmund Burke

We are emotional beings. And we can only be rational, after we’ve been emotional.

When we see someone who is composed under adversity, it’s not that they aren’t an emotional person. Those feelings are there. What’s different (compared to the explosive nature of a “hot head”) is the closing of a certain gap. That of between an emotional reaction, and the subsequent replacement of rational thought.

Abraham Lincoln exercised this understanding through his “hot letters”. When he became fuming mad at someone, he forced himself to complete a task before taking his wrath directly to the individual. He wrote a letter to the offender, outlining all the wrongs and misdoings that have been committed. He held nothing back. Then, he would fold it up, place the letter in an envelope, place it in his desk drawer, and… never send it.

Think through the last time we lost our temper on someone. Was it worth it? Emotions will cool. And we can proceed in a more reasonable fashion that we won’t regret. We just need to acknowledge that gap, and work ourselves there through patience.

Conditioning AND Endurance WOD – 30 min cap

For Time:
2,000/1600m Row, 1600/1250m Ski OR 4800/3800m Bike (your choice)
2 Min Plank Accumulated on Elbows
40 Handstand Pushups OR 60 DB Shoulder to Overhead 50s/35s
2 Min Plank Accumulated on Elbows
2,000/1600m Row, 1600/1250m Ski OR 4800/3800m Bike

*Accumulation means if you come out of the plank, your time stops. You then resume’ once back up in the plank. To RX this movement, your body needs to be as straight as possible. Once the booty come either too high or you start sagging too much in the middle, either drop or consider it scaled. Honor system on this one!
*To scale the plank, feel free to go to your hands, as the elbows are harder. Lastly, you could drop to your knees.

*Either flat to the ground or use an abmat for your head with a 25lb bumper plate under each hand
*The 60 Dumbbell pressing will also count as RX. You may push press or push jerk. Just make sure you are locked out, legs and arms both.

3 Rounds
30 Seconds Banded Pull Aparts Video
30 Seconds Banded Pass Throughs Video