W.O.D. and Extra Work Friday 2/7/20


W.O.D. and Extra Work Friday 2/7/20

If you have time, come out and encourage our CFR teams at the local competition Midwest Meltdown located at CrossFit Provision! This is Friday and night and all day Saturday. There are more teams than what’s listed below, but I don’t know the complete members involved. Please post in comments for all to see!
The link below has the schedule of events and heats!

💥Bringing Up The Rear: Christina Adamek Barrett, Misty McEntire, Amber Ottoson
💥Everlasting WOD Stoppers: Keren Belin, Brandy Cannady Kristen Hook
💥Team Redline: Michael Ormsby, Kyle Mitchell Bodenhamer, Travis Bratten
💥That’s A Horrible Idea…..What Time?: Erika Gifford, Samantha Owens Buckridge, Ashley Shine
💥Little Pansy Boys: Michael Battle, Tyler Hanewinkel, Zachary Sorrentino
💥Decade Divas: representing the 70’s Tami Gray, 80’s Chrisy L Cook, and 90’s Ashley Knoll
💥Sponsored by Andy’s and Albuterol: Meg Fess, Kelsey Klenklen, Kayce DuVall



  • Strict handstand push-ups for those with competitive goals
  • Dumbbell strict presses for those with goals outside the gym 50s/35s
  • No kipping handstand pushups – work on increasing your strength for strict handstand pushups


  • Looking to complete wallballs and pressing movement in 1-3 sets per round
  • Ideally completing the farmers carry with 1 break maximum


  • For those doing dumbbell strict presses, can also use dumbbells for the farmers carry to minimize equipment needed, otherwise use KBs if you are aiming for the heavier RX weight
  • Farmers carry is 200 feet, and cones need to be setup 40 feet apart (5 line touches=200ft) in the middle of the main gym floor and possibly in another place for larger classes, giving enough room for wall balls at the rigs and DB presses on the outside edges
  • If larger class, start the class in 2-3 groups as different stations to accommodate the amount of KBs and DBs

For most athletes, the dumbbell strict press will be a great substitution for strict handstand pushups, as it uses the same muscle groups with less risk. For athletes with goals of competing, but who don’t quite have strict handstand push-ups yet, we want to get them into a variation that gives them appropriate volume and loading. We can always reduce the number of reps to something like 6 or 3. Another option would be to complete handstand push-ups with the feet on a box or from a bear crawl position. This gets them more upside down, but uses a smaller percentage of their body weight. This is essentially the ring row of the handstand push-up. Knowing why athletes come to the gym and their goals will help us better understand what movement (handstand push-up, handstand push-up variation, or dumbbell strict press) is right for them.

Conditioning WOD – 30 minute cap

6 Rounds for time of…
200ft KB or DB Farmers Carry 70’s/55’s
17 Wallballs 20/14
14 Toes to bar
11 Strict Handstand Push-ups (RX-25s/abmat)

A good thing to keep in mind during the squat portion of the wallball is “laces in front of the face”. While the ball will likely return in a different way after each rep and the laces won’t necessarily be in front of the face, the benefit is in keeping the ball up and the chest up. When the chest drops, athletes have to move the weight a further distance and the ball has more of a chance to skim the wall early. When the ball is high and the laces are in front of the face, athletes are moving the weight a shorter distances from a better position.

Relax The Arms
At the top of the movement, it is common to see athletes leave their hands straight overhead after throwing the ball to the target. Leaving the arms in the air over the course of many repetitions increases the time under tension and causes extra fatigue. After launching the ball upward, have athletes relax the arms back down to the front rack position to receive the medicine ball for the next repetition. Especially in a shoulder heavy workout, this will enable athletes to minimize shoulder burn and hold on for larger sets.

The farmers carry is generally known as a pretty grip intensive movement. However, if you’ve done them before, you know that they can be pretty hard on the shoulders as well. With strict handstand push-ups to follow, we want to minimize our time under tension here. Having a sense of urgency by speeding these up a little bit can help with this. Keeping the knees soft and feet moving quickly, athletes can complete more of a “farmers jog” than a carry. While this will be more taxing on breathing, it will save the shoulders a bit and clear the movement faster.

Earlier in the week we had double unders. We talked about keeping the arms close to the body to minimize the amount of work the shoulders had to do. We can look to execute something similar with the dumbbells. The goal here is to keep the arms glued to the side to prevent any unnecessary swinging of the weight. The more the weight is moving, the harder the shoulders will have to work to stabilize. Athletes can pretend like they have dollar bills pinned between their arms and the body. We have to squeeze the arms tight so we don’t lose our money!

Distance From Wall
No matter if we choose the strict handstand push-up or dumbbell strict press today, the way our body is positioned should be relatively the same. Positioning on the dumbbell strict press is easier than being upside down on the wall, but we can aim to press our bodyweight from the same position. As we know, there is a standard for how high our heels have to be in the Open for handstand push-ups. If we’re doing handstand push-ups today, it is very likely that we’ll be doing the Open. The closer we are set-up to the wall, the taller we are. While going further away from the wall is easier to accomplish lockout, it is more difficult to meet the standard. Knowing the standard is coming, we can prepare for it in our training today. Let’s aim to stay fairly stacked in our strict handstand push-ups today, just like we would when pressing dumbbells overhead. If you want, you can even set up the Open standard to prepare for what’s to come.

Another thing that makes us taller when completing the handstand push-up is hip position. If athletes are able to keep the hips off the wall and tucked under the rest of the body, they are instantly a couple inches taller. If the lower back and abs relax so that the hips are on the wall, athletes lose a significant amount of height. A tight body is a tall body. Let’s try to improve the quality of the movement today instead of just doing it to get the reps done. Be your own judge and hold yourself to a high standard. No matter the movement (dumbbells or wall), the body should be in one straight line.

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Dumbbell Strict Presses


  • Sticking point today will likely be the strict handstand push-ups or dumbbell strict presses


  • 2-3 Sets from the beginning
  • 2 Sets: 10-7
  • 3 Sets: 7-6-4
  • These will likely feel more difficult after the strict handstand push-ups than they do in the first round


  • Move quickly
  • Take one break at the halfway point if necessary to preserve the shoulders for the pressing to follow


  • Break these up early and often
  • Once they go, it’s hard to get them back
  • 2-4 sets from the very beginning
  • 2 Sets: 6-5
  • 3 Sets: 4-4-3
  • 4 Sets: 3-3-2-2-1

Extra Work

3 Sets:
7 Renegade Rows (7 each side)-google you tube video
7 Heavy Barbell Curls
Max Effort Ring L-Sit (scale with knees high as needed)
Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets