W.O.D. and Open 20.2 Retest if desired


W.O.D. and Open 20.2 Retest if desired


  • **For the 5 weeks of the Open: **
  • We’ll complete “Goat Days” on Thursdays
  • The Open Workout will be programmed on Friday
  • On Monday there is the option to re-test the Open Workout or complete an Alternate Workout around the same time domain
  • Thank you for your patience with the altered publishing schedule during the Open!


“Our greatest fear in life should not be failure. Our greatest fear in life should be succeeding in things that don’t matter.” – Francis Chan

One of life’s greatest tragedies: we tend to think that things will be different if we achieve more, win more, or make more money. But if those things have never changed us before, even if we win the world… would it change us today? Like thirsty people guzzling salt water, it’s a never-ending cycle that does not lead to fulfillment.

Yet we can work tirelessly for that next finish line, putting all of eggs in that basket, wishing, hoping, and working tirelessly to get there. One of our greatest fears, as written in the quote above, is to get there, and to realize… we didn’t climb the right ladder. It didn’t bring us to where we wanted to be. How we wanted to feel.

It always boils down to this – the quality of our relationships, the positive influence we impart on others, and who we become in the process. Hustle is crucial, but placing first things first is absolutely vital. Which ladder are we climbing today?

OPEN 20.2

As many rounds + reps as possible in 20 minutes of…
4 Dumbbell Thrusters (50’s/35’s)
6 Toes to Bar
24 Double Unders


As many rounds + reps as possible in 20 minutes of…
30 AbMat Sit-ups
25 Wallballs (20/14)
200 Meter Farmers Carry (50’s/35’s)


  • On Mondays during the Open, we’ll give athletes the opportunity to re-test the Open workout or complete another workout of a similar time domain
  • We’ll run two heats today just like on Friday
  • Heat 1 will be those athletes who are choosing to not complete the Open workout
  • Heat 2 is for athletes who plan on doing the Open workout
  • Going in Heat 2 gives the Open workout athletes more time to warmup and ensures they have a judge (Athletes from Heat 1)


  • For the alternate workout:
  • Over the 20 minutes, athletes can expect to complete 4+ rounds
  • Choose a wallball weight that you can complete in 1-3 sets within the workout
  • Athletes will use two dumbbells for the farmers carry, choosing a weight that they can complete with 1 break if needed

Tailbone Glued
During the AbMat sit-up, we can aim to keep the tailbone glued to the floor. Anchoring this part of the body to the floor helps you use more abs and prevents rashes caused by too much friction. We can still use the arms for momentum, but not at the expense of the tailbone losing contact with the floor.

Forearms to Target
In the wallball, let’s think about pointing our forearms to the target during the squat. This helps keep the torso more upright and ensures the ball is not dropping towards the ground. When the torso or ball drops, we can expend more energy just getting the ball back up to where is started in addition to the throw up to the target. Point your forearms where you want the ball to go.

Short & Quick
We can keep the steps short and quick during the farmers carry to prevents any side to side swaying. In addition to the short and quick steps, keeping a soft bend in the knee like we do when running allows for easier balance as well. The more balanced athletes are, the faster they are able to move.


  • 25 reps is just enough where we can consider breaking them up into a few quick sets to help stay consistent across the 20 minutes
  • Going 2-3 sets here might be a good idea
  • 1 Set: 25
  • 2 Sets: 15-10
  • 3 Sets: 10-8-7


  • With the AbMat sit-ups to follow, let’s aim for big chunks on the farmers carry
  • It’s worth fighting through the grip and should fatigue a little longer, as we get an upper body break with the sit-ups
  • If you have to break, take one short break just beyond halfway


  • The AbMat sit-ups are the least important of the three movements today
  • Keep moving, breathe, and relax the shoulders
  • Think of this as the reloading station that enables you to push the wallballs and carries more

Re-Do Athletes

  • For athletes hitting this for the second time, they can use their previous score to help improve this time around
  • For example, if they got exactly 20 rounds on the first attempt, it means they averaged 1 round every 1:00
  • If they wanted to improve their score by a full round, they would have to average :57 seconds rounds
  • Find the average round time of the first attempt and look to hold just a little bit faster paces this time around
  • For athletes hitting this for the first time, reference the two sections below


  • Over the course of the 20 minutes, little things make a big difference in the grand scheme of the workout
  • Just going a few seconds faster by minimizing transitions can be the difference of a few rounds when all is said and done
  • Set the rope and dumbbells down neatly after each set
  • The little extra effort at the end of each set is worth not having to untangle the rope or coral the dumbbells before starting the next one
  • Make it as easy as possible to just get started on the next set
  • Keep all your equipment close to the pull-up bar to further minimize transition time


  • The rep numbers today incentivize athletes to go ideally unbroken
  • For athletes on the fence about going unbroken, try to at least complete the thrusters unbroken, as that is the hardest movement to break
  • The movements that are easier to break if needed are the toes to bar and double unders – so break there if needed
  • It’s all about finding a rhythm and the max pace you can sustain for the 20 minutes of work
  • Establish a goal split time for each round and try to stick to it
  • Below are several examples of what round splits will get you for total rounds at the end of the 20 minutes:
    • On the 45: 26 Rounds
    • On the 50: 24 Rounds
    • On the 55: ~22 Rounds
    • On the 60: 20 Rounds
    • On the 70: ~17 Rounds
    • On the 80: 15 Rounds
    • On the 90: ~13 Rounds
  • If it helps, you can even write down what the exact splits you are trying to hit before the workout begins
  • For an easy example, if you’re aiming for 20 rounds you’d try to have your rounds done on the 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00…
  • If you’re aiming for 24 rounds, you’d try to have your rounds done on the 0:50, 1:40, 2:30, 3:20….