W.O.D and Skills Class Saturday 10/20/18


W.O.D and Skills Class Saturday 10/20/18

At CrossFit Republic, we are all about making better athletes and giving you the knowledge to improve your skills. It is tough to spend enough time practicing and perfecting certain movements and skills in the fast-paced group classes or during a WOD, so for this reason, we have a weekly Skills Class.

After completion of class, you will leave with a handful of drills that you can perform on your own time to increase your skill capacity and work towards advancing to the next level of that skill. Examples of skills worked on during class might include: rope climbs, handstand pushups, pull-ups, overhead squats, etc.

The Skills Class will be offered on Saturdays at 10 – 10:30AM, following our 9am group workout and during our open gym time!  Childcare available!

Conditioning WOD

For Time:

21 – 15 – 9 reps of…
Snatches 95/65
Thrusters 95/65
Box Jumps 24/20
OH Lunge Steps R/L=2 95/65

*200m run after each round

Post total times!


*Each Saturday we offer a 30 minute skills class after the 9am group workout!  Each Saturday is different. It’s a chance to work on specific movements that you may not have time to trial during regular grouped workouts, while also getting one on one coaching


Much of the rope climb is focused on the “bite” of your feet.  Once you accomplish this, then you are able to stand with minimal grip or pulling strength.  The next key is to be able to complete a “knees to elbows” and re-bite the rope with your feet to climb the rope one bite at a time.

Focuses the coach will discuss are…

  • Foot bite (sit on a box, rope between legs and work on comfort of wrapping and unwrapping the rope on your leg and biting and re-biting the rope through repetition
  • Grip Strength (holding body weight on the rope – rope pulls)
  • Pulling Strength (able to pull up while feet are secure- rope pulls/ring rows)
  • Core Strength (ability to bring your knees high while hanging, to rebite the rope and stand again – knees to elbow, toes to rope)

Exercises to work on

  • Ring Rows
  • Rope Pulls
  • Knees to Elbow
  • Toes to rope (while hanging)