W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 9/21/18


W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 9/21/18

Conditioning WOD – 25 minutes

*Coaches – consider having a running clock of 35-40 minutes based on class size to run multiple heats and people through.  Then starting a heat of 10 athletes and having equal single file lines behind each rower.  As a person gets off a rower, have that athlete wait until the next minute mark, and then start and keep track of their 25 minutes.  If there is a group that wants to go altogether, you could always wait until all rowers are free then start another heat, and so forth, so groups can workout together.

*Athletes – forewarning that the intention is to aim to get to the last round, but also knowing it may be out of reach if you don’t move quickly enough.  Go get it!

As many reps as possible in 25 minutes of…

50 Calorie Row, 27 Bar Over Burpees, 27 Power Snatches 75/55
40 Calorie Bike, 21 Bar Over Burpees, 21 Power Snatches 95/65
30 Calorie Row, 15 Bar Over Burpees, 15 Power Snatches 135/95
20 Calorie Bike, 9 Bar Over Burpees, 9 Power Snatches 165/105
10 Calorie Row, 6 Bar Over Burpees, Max Power Snatches 185/125

*if the bike or rower are ever full in the middle of the wrokout and you have to wait, either wait for one to open up or go to the other machine (rower or bike) and put in the same work instead so you can keep moving

Post total reps achieved!


*For those unaware, we have a weekly skills class after our Saturday workout, where we take a specific skill and have a chance to break it down and work in a small group setting, helping you accomplish whatever skill it may be.


Scaled variations to cover with your coach, to help you achieve the next level of where you currently are.  Anyone can scale accordingly to eventually do a Handstand Pushup.  You got this!

  • Strict
  • Kipping
  • Deficit
  • Stacking abmats
  • Off a box
  • Barbell strict press
  • KB or DB strict or push press

Find what works best for you and with the coach determine what will help you improve the most!