W.O.D., Extra Work, and Endurance Tuesday 12/10/19


W.O.D., Extra Work, and Endurance Tuesday 12/10/19

“I attribute my success to this – I never gave, or took, any excuse.” – Florence Nightingale

The terrifying thing about excuses, is that they blind us to our next move. If we excuse or try to justify a misstep, we at a subconscious level tell ourselves that this is “out of my control”. That this was a fluke, or a chance event, and there’s nothing I could do differently next time.

On the flip side, owning what happens is not about beating ourselves up or throwing pity parties. It’s solely so that we can open our vision on where to go next. To see the lesson in front of us.

Excuses are contagious, and horribly damaging. Let’s take the opposite road, as growth begins with responsibility.

Strength and Conditioning WOD – 25 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 5 minutes of…
Buy-In: 700 Meter Row
7 Squat Cleans 135/95
25 Double Unders

Rest 5 Minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 5 minutes of…
Buy-In: 500 Meter Row
5 Squat Cleans 155/105
25 Double Unders

Rest 5 Minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 5 minutes of…
Buy-In: 300 Meter Row
3 Squat Cleans 185/125
25 Double Unders


  • Working through 3 fast-paced intervals with 5 minutes of rest between
  • On each AMRAP, the row is the buy-in and only happens once
  • After finishing the meters on the rower, athletes will complete as many rounds and reps of squat cleans and double unders
  • The score for each interval is total rounds and reps of clean and double unders (row meters do not count towards score)


  • General Timeline For Each Buy-In Row:
  • **700 Meters: **~3 Minutes (Leaves 2 Minutes for Cleans & Dubs)
  • 500 Meters: ~2 Minutes (Leaves 3 Minutes for Cleans & Dubs)
  • 300 Meters: ~1 Minute (Leaves 4 Minutes for Cleans & Dubs)
  • If short on rowers or space, stagger athletes on opposite 5-minute windows


  • With such short time windows, we want to choose a double under rep number or variation that can be completed ideally unbroken


  • The weights increase and reps decrease with each interval
  • 1st Bar: Light Weight that You Can Complete 7 Reps Unbroken During Workout
  • 2nd Bar: Moderate Weight that You Can Complete 5 Reps in 1-2 Sets During Workout
  • 3rd Bar: Moderate/Heavy Weight that You Can Complete 3 Reps as Quick Singles or Small Sets During Workout

Handle Control
When moving the handle today on the rower, let’s focus on a straight path. Straight in and straight out is the most efficient path. There are a couple ways we can think of this:
1. Pretend like you are running the chain along a flat table
2. Keep the chain between the two screws next to where the chain inserts

Handle Control
Handle control can also lead to more efficient double unders or single unders. When spinning the rope, most of the work will come from the thumb and index finger – similar to writing with a pen. The other fingers are there for support. If we’re using the whole hand to spin the rope, it likely means that the rotation is coming from the shoulders. If the thumb and index finger are doing most of the work, it’s likely that the wrists are more involved.

Movement Subs
Reduce Reps
40 Single Unders
20 Seconds of Practice

Feet in Cement
Whether you’re cycling the barbell for larger sets or going with quick singles, keeping your “feet in cement” can help prevent any excess movement and allow you to get the most out of these short time windows.


  • Since we’re rowing for meters instead of calories, there isn’t as big of a payoff in going faster as there is with calories
  • For Example:
    • If we row 500 meters at a 2:00 vs. 1:55 – it’s only a 5 second difference
    • If we row 50 calories at 1200 vs. 1000 Cal/Hr it’s a 30 second difference
  • That 5 second difference when rowing for meters can quickly be lost in one slow transition from rope back to the barbell
  • That being said – row at a strong pace, but one that allows you to keep moving and attack the scored portion of the workout


  • Pick the option at each interval that allows you to rest the least
  • **1st Bar: ** Aim For 1-2 Sets at the Lightest Weight (7, 4-3)
  • 2nd Bar: Small Sets Or Quick Singles Work At This Light-Moderate Weight (5, 3-2, 2-2-1, 1-1-1-1-1)
  • 3rd Bar: Work Through Small Sets Or Singles At The Last Bar (3, 2-1, 1-1-1)


  • Put your rope down neatly for fast transitions
  • Try for unbroken sets and then just get to the bar and do what you can do (Singles or Sets)


Strict Gymnastics
0:00 – 6:00
:20 Second Wall-Facing Handstand Hold
2 Strict Ring Muscle-ups (Or Banded Strict)

6:00 – 12:00
1 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up + 15′ Handstand Walk
2 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups + 15′ Handstand Walk
3 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups + 15′ Handstand Walk

12:00 – 18:00
25 Double Unders
:15 Second L-Sit on Rings
5 Tempo Ring Rows

CFR Endurance WOD-35 min cap

For time…

800m Ski Erg
80 Double Unders
8 Squat Cleans 95/65
700m Ski Erg
70 Double Unders
7 Squat Cleans

600,6,6…500,5,5… and so on decreasing to 100,1,1 to finish!