W.O.D. for Gabe “Bob Chicken” Saturday 10/26/19


W.O.D. for Gabe “Bob Chicken” Saturday 10/26/19

Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks Awareness Workout


Gabe can’t do a pull up or a dead lift. But he can make you laugh like you’ve never laughed before. He oozes joy and it’s infectious. He has this sixth sense about him that draws him to those who need him the most. When he finds that person, they won’t ever be the same again; they’ll be better than they were before. He will show you a tenderness and compassion that will bring you to your knees.

Gabe can’t tie his shoes and his burpees resemble something more like spit up. But he can show you how to persevere and never quit. He will teach you that even if you can’t do it the same way as someone else, you can do it your way and be just as amazing. He will show you that can’t is just another word for underestimated.

Gabe can’t jump rope without getting tangled up and his jumping jacks are some bizarre crossbreed between a skip and a spasm. But he can show you what unconditional love looks like. He can teach you how to see past the outside appearance and assumptions and into the heart of a person. He can show you what true acceptance really looks like.

Gabe can’t always get his mouth to make the chants and cheers of support that he wants it to. But he can teach you that communication is more than just words. It’s a chubby hand holding yours, it’s a kind pat on the back, it’s a thumbs up and a cheesy wink. He can show you that words are meaningless and actions are everything.

Gabe has Down syndrome and sometimes those around him make the mistake of assuming he can’t or won’t. But Gabe frequently proves that he can and will. While he may not be the most coordinated, the strongest, or the fastest, he is one of the coolest 7 years old’s you will meet. We should all work hard to be more like him.

-Sherry, Gabe’s mom

Down syndrome (DS) also known as Trisomy 21, occurs when an individual has a 3rdcopy of chromosome 21. One in every 700 babies in the U.S. is born with DS, making it the most common chromosomal condition. In 1983, the average life expectancy of a person with Down syndrome was a mere 25 years old. Today, it is 60.

Started by a group of mothers in 2006, DSGO is an organization made up of a committed group of parents, professionals and other interested parties dedicated to creating an extensive network of support for individuals with Down syndrome and those who love and serve them in Southwest Missouri. Their Board of Directors has six committed family members and area business leaders shaping the future. They have one employee, an Executive Director.

It is their goal to become the leading resource of Down syndrome information for new and expectant parents, students, healthcare professionals, educators and all Southwest Missouri citizens. They also are striving to bring awareness to early intervention services, promote inclusive education, highlight appropriate medical services, encourage quality employment opportunities, and advocate for community awareness and acceptance.

Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks exists to bring life and wellness to families who are advocating towards a community of inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome.

We are doing this workout written and in honor of Gabe to help raise awareness for this organization!

Gabe who calls himself “Bob Chicken”

3 = 3rd copy of the chromosome 21
21= Trisomy 21 (alternate name for down syndrome)
2006= Date Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks was conceived
7= Age of Gabe

Teams of 3… splitting reps however desired.
As many rounds + reps as possible in 21 minutes of…
7 Front Squats 155/105
7 Lateral Barbell Burpees
7 Pull-ups

*Continuous Ski Erg until reaching 2006m by any teammate at any time, switching out as needed. Once total 2006m is achieved you are done and can join the team in the AMRAP for the rest of the time.