W.O.D. Friday 1/10/20


W.O.D. Friday 1/10/20

Strength – EMOM 12 minutes

Back Squat (6 sets)

Every 2 minutes on the minute complete a set of 3 back squats, increasing in weight as you go.

*Find a heavy 3 rep for the day

With quite a few double unders and pullups, aim to spend no more than 2-3 minutes on each set (8-12 minutes total throughout the workout) in order to get the right stimulus. Next if we are short on rowers today, we can either stagger start by 3-5 minutes or if rowers are backed up, complete the ski erg for the same amount of meters, and post that you used the erg with your score.

Today’s workout has a couple skill movements (pullups/MUs/double unders) joined with a lower skill movement (the rower). We put a time limit on these to encourage athletes to keep moving forward and to choose what is best for them. No athlete is going to stop rowing or erging, but the workout can come to a standstill without the right rep number, variation, or time limit on the rope. The goal today isn’t to get stuck anywhere. While the rope will be challenging for sure, it should be in the sweet spot of challenging. Not too easy, not too hard. We’re looking for just right.

Conditioning WOD – 18 minutes

For Time:
50 Pullups or 15 Ring Muscle Ups
75 Double Unders
1000/750m Row
75 Double Unders
50 Pullups or 15 Ring Muscle Ups

Feet First
On the subject of feet, we can focus on them during our pull-ups. On pullups, the feet should beat the upper body. Kicking the feet forward before opening the hips and pulling with the arms will make the movement significantly easier for athletes. Kick, pop, and pull.

Ring Muscle ups are another variation the athlete can choose today who has an extremely good foundation in pullups and wants to challenge themselves with the next level up, outside of using chest to bar pullups and bar muscle ups (which are off limits today), while still keeping intensity high.
There is no middle ground on the workout though. Either complete pullups or muscle ups, and try to keep either under 3 minutes of work. If you try a combination of both, pullups will count 4:1 for ring Muscle ups if combined. (ex – 5 MUs to failure then 30 more pullups = 50)

Scale pullups based on your ability level with…
-Reduce Reps

  • 1:1 Pull-ups
  • 1:1 Banded Pull-ups
  • 1:1 Jumping Pull-ups
  • 1:1 Ring Rows

Feet Straps
It is something small that makes a big difference. That is, tightening the straps all the way. Only being on the rower once, and for a little bit of time, we can feel good about getting strapped in tight. This benefits us in two ways. When the straps are loose, athletes will often pull their toes towards the knees. This taxes the muscles in the front of the shin and can make the jumping action on the rope more uncomfortable. A tight strap also means a full connection to the machine. We can no longer apply force to the machine if the feet are flying off. It is the equivalent of hitting the gas, taking the foot off, hitting the gas, taking the foot off, and so on. Looser straps can be helpful in workouts with a lot of transitioning, but today isn’t one of those days. Tight is right.

Handle Height
One common fault while rowing is that the hands and handle drop while traveling forward towards the catch. When the handle drops, it is hard for athletes to generate the same amount of tension and power that they could with the handle traveling straight in and straight out. The drop can also pull athletes into a rounded position. There are two screws on the rower where the chain inserts. Keeping the chain between those to landmarks will help athletes stay consistent.

There are so many things to think about on the rope, but timing is often the most important. We don’t typically think of when to jump. It just kind of happens. Today, let’s bring some attention to exactly when we are jumping. This jump should happen when the rope is in front of the body and just about to get to the feet. Being patient and waiting for the rope to get in front can drastically improve athletes timing and success, whether they are doing doubles or singles. In movement prep, we’ll start with single unders to get the feel of it before moving to doubles.

Movement Substitutions:
Reduce Reps
2 Minutes of Double Unders
150 Single Unders
150 Line hops

In this chipper workout, we can look to start smart and finish strong. It is always easy to start fast, but much more difficult to finish strong. Let’s flip this on its head and aim to make our second half better than our first half. This doesn’t mean take it easy, rather find a pace that is just outside our comfort zone, not way outside our comfort zone. On the second half, we can look to get just a touch further outside the pace from the first half. Pay attention to wattage, RPM, or pace on the machines to have a reference point.

While everyone will have a different pace and break-up strategy, we should open with a pace on the pullups and find a pace on the row in the middle that allows for big sets on the rope. Here are some set options to think of on the rope:

1 Set: 125
2 Sets: 65-60
3 Sets: 45-40-40
4 Sets: 35-30-30-30
**5 Sets: **25-25-25-25-25

Extra Work

Skill Conditioning

For Time:
15 Strict Handstand Push-ups
15 Strict Chest To Bar Pull-ups

Row Calories
Ski Calories

15 Handstand Push-ups
15 Strict Pull-ups

Row Calories
Ski Calories

150ft Handstand Walk
*Scale with DB overhead hold or inverted hold accumulating 3 minutes on either OR 15 Wall Walks