W.O.D. Friday 1/19/18


W.O.D. Friday 1/19/18

If you missed the moving announcement on the CrossFit Republic Family page, here it is below…


Hey family, most if not all of you know we are moving into another building soon! The past Gold Medal Gymnastics Building 509 W. Hwy 174 in Republic.

Although change can be hard with some sentimental feeling, this is a larger facility where we won’t just expand our reach to positively affect the community, but also becaome a premier fitness facility in SouthWest MO for all ages… 
Although this building is a very turn-key situation, there will definitely be some touch-up and work to do prior to moving in.

Now let me say this. By no means am I expecting or taking for granted any help. I just want to inform here for all wondering or have asked. But I will say that our gym has been SO incredible and willing to help, that I can’t comprehend all the selflessness! I’m honestly blown away. Only at CFR!

For all who have asked me personally or everyone who would like to be involved with this move, let me lay out some general details/dates so we can all prepare!

1. Main move-in date is looking to be Feb 9,10, and 11th.

2. Large chance we are buying brand new rubber flooring, so before these moving dates, we may have a “rubber laying” party and some “smaller” fix-it, landscape, and painting parties to be ready for the big move. I will post when these parties will occur soon and may or may not only need a handful of people at a time, based on the project. We will have some leaders taking charge of some of these…

3. 9th – Cancel Friday night classes, and break down the rigs, all equipment, office supplies, childcare room, and putting everything next to the bay doors to be moved the next day. This may only require a handful of people, but likely a 6-10PM situation at the most, where of course I’ll have to provide pizza  Triple meat and cheese for gainzzz…

4. 10th – Saturday morning, the 9am class will be cancelled and this is where we will need the most help (trucks, trailers, muscle). Donuts and coffee provided.
This is where we all make a couple huge trips to the new facility and unload it. Supplement Superstores and Axom Performance want to be a part of this, helping us wherever they can.
The rest of the day Saturday is loose to come and go, as we will need help with the overgrown landscape and as setting up the equipment, will be taking place.

5. 10-11th Saturday all day and Sunday. This will most likely be a time where, besides trimming or tightening up landscape, more of the specialists or “handy” peeps are putting things together, touching up the “smaller” things in and outside. Once again some exceptional team leaders like Jamie and Marie will be helping orchestrate.

All this to say, that your help will make this super smooth, and we are blessed to have any help that is available. Please don’t put your families or businesses on hold for this. But we are grateful for anything and everything.

Can’t wait for this next adventure with you!!!!!


Conditioning WOD – 40 min time cap

*After a tough week, this will be a “nice” long grind to open the lungs.  Not too much volume of any certain movement but enough to burn those calories before entering the weekend.

For Time…

30 Box Jumps 30/24

30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

30 KB Swings 70/55

30 Front Squats 135/95

30 Toes to Bar

3 Rope Climbs

30 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

30 Deadlifts 135/95

30 Wallballs 30/20

30 Burpees

30 Double Unders

*Scale chest to bar PUs with 1:1 pullups, jumping pullups or 2:1 ring rows

*Scale rope climbs with 9 rope pulls + 9 toes to rope or knees to chest OR 18 rope pulls only

*Scale Double Unders with 1:1 Bar hops OR 2:1 singles – jump ropes for sale up front at CFR

Post total times!