W.O.D. Friday 11/13/20


W.O.D. Friday 11/13/20

Looking for something to do this weekend? Come support our Special Needs athletes!❤️

On Saturday, Nov 14th, from 12-5pm our 11 special-needs athletes have a chance to show off all their hard work at CrossFit Republic! ❤️

The Special Olympic area and state powerlifting meets were both cancelled. So this fundraiser will give go directly to our Special Needs program and the Springfield area Special Olympics. Local hero, Officer Mark Priebe and his wife Heather will be in attendance as they are passionate and involved with the Special Olympics as well!

If you’d like, please make donations here: https://bit.ly/31Q5lAN ❤️

Thanks for your support of our “Strong Hearts Unified Powerlifting Meet”!💪
#SpecialOlympics #DoGood #TakeAction #StrongHearts

*If you look at this workout and say “oh snatch, hmmm”, this means you should be here. You were called out gently there. 😛 Come work on this very technical lift, because ain’t any of us where we want to be YET, but working on weaknesses is a part of growth, and who wants to stay the same? (called out again 😉) See you at CFR!


Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes complete the complex…
Snatch + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat

-Increase in weight as you go to achieve a heavy or max lift for the day
-Do not skip minutes for more rest and to hit bigger weight, hit every minute – your last rep must be before the 8:00 hits the clock or it does not count!
-Snatch may be power or squat (if you are looking to heighten your skill level or even compete someday, you need to focus on the squat snatch, no matter what weight you achieve today)
-The word “complex” means you hold on the whole time and do not rest with the bar on the ground. Once you pick up the bar, all movements have to connect to each other before dropping.

Conditioning WOD – 10 minutes

Climb the ladder and complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of…

30 Double Unders
1 Snatch 185/125
30 DUs
2 Snatch

and so on, 30,3… 30, 4… increasing a heavy snatch by 1 rep each round…

***If you complete a SQUAT SNATCH instead of a power snatch it’s EXTRA POINTS! This rewards your score with instead of 1 power snatch = 1 rep, it will then be 1 squat snatch = 3 reps. That’s a little incentive to conquer the squat snatch and get a little more technical. This can add up quickly over a 10 minutes time span. Better give it a shot 😉

Example – 1 squat snatch + 30 double Unders, 2 squat snatch + 30 double unders = 69 reps instead of 63 reps… and with a heavy snatch, you won’t move much faster with a power snatch.

*Your snatch weight should be something that is difficult to do more than one at a time. Heavy enough you’ll have to focus on technique because of fatigue and can still land it, but can still move forward (1 rep every ~ 15 seconds – for some, 85% of what you achieved in the above complex)

*Scale double unders 1:1 with bar hops or 2:1 with singles (jump ropes for sale up front)

Post greatest weight on the complex achieved and reps achieved on conditioning!

OPTION 1 – Extra Work (before or after class)


Climbing in weight, complete 5 sets of 8 barbell rows.

*Pick up the barbell with a clean grip width, stand up, then slightly bend the knees and lower the bar down to just below the knee, with loaded hamstrings, back flat and shoulder blades locked, and a little discomfort, as if you were about to complete a hang clean… and then complete your rows, touching the bottom or your sternum with the barbell, for each repetition.

Video – Minute 2:10 is what you’re looking for… https://youtu.be/DAKGiwO9Gj0
-feel free to watch the first part of the video for details

OPTION 2 – Extra Work (before or after class)


30 Rower tucks (hands in pushup position on ground facing away from rower, feet on rower seat, then bring knees to chest moving the seat with you)

20 Russian Twists with plate med ball

10 Ab Rollouts (barbell with loaded weight, grab and roll away from your body until your chest or stomach comes in contact with the ground, and then roll back. Scale as needed, by not going down all the way. Focus on using your abs, and not your lower back)