W.O.D. Friday 11/16/18


W.O.D. Friday 11/16/18

Last day to sign up for APPAREL!  Don’t miss out!!!  Sign up binder at the front desk!

Competitors’ Class

If you didn’t know, we offer a Competitors Class on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7am, led by me (Macy).  If you have at least 12 months of CrossFit under your belt, just show up, or feel you’d like to be a part of this class without that qualification, please contact me.  We don’t spend time on the foundation of movements, but rather tweak the lifts and skills you already have.  You don’t have to be an RXd athlete, but have a mature understanding of much of Crossfit.

This is a program created around your weaknesses and personal goals so you can constantly improve, focusing on items you may not have time or the skill levels to cover in normal classes. At the next level, it’s so much more than doing challenging workouts, but more about mental preparation, using a strategy for approaching a workout properly, and how to be the most efficient on maximizing your abilities with each movement, because every second counts.

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You can find out more on the “What We Offer” page on our website!  https://www.crossfitrepublic.com/specialty-classes-crossfit-republic-crossfit-springfield/

Strength/Accessory Work – 40 min running clock

*These are the little things we all need more of, to not just improve our workout performance but add to our quality of life outside of the gym

*This workout piece is not for time or score, but checkmark that you completed it, and post in the notes on SugarWOD and on the whiteboard the weights you worked up to.

*You will choose the weight for each movement, increasing as you go.  Make it as challenging as possible while still maintaining good technique.

*You will need to grab 2 or 3 people, share some bars and weights and complete these movements together as needed.

*Work through this not for time but with intention.  You should be concentrating on each movement, not moving too quickly, but don’t stand around either after each set and move immediately to next item.  After each round you’ll have an official 2 minute rest.

*If you do this all correctly, you will be tired at the end, and you will be sore tomorrow 😉   Guaranteed!

Coaches – Please use a general warmup to get a good sweat going, then quickly demo each piece, have the athletes set up their items around the gym, and then walk around during the class assisting on form and insight as needed!

*Videos of each movement below!  Please watch before coming!

4 Sets:
8 Bench Press
12 Romanian Deadlifts (targets hamstrings)
16 Dumbbell Floor Presses
20 Dumbbell Rows (10 on each arm)
24 Hollow Rocks

Rest 2:00

Checkmark that you completed this, and post in the notes on SugarWOD and on the whiteboard the weights you worked up to for each movement!

Romanian Deadlift Video

DB Floor Presses

Banded Good Mornings