W.O.D. Friday 11/15/19


W.O.D. Friday 11/15/19

A few ladies from our Competitors’ class having a little too much fun🤪

What’s great though, is that although physically strong, their spirits and personalities are encouraging and humble.

Come try our Competitor’s class Wednesday and Fridays at 7am, practice more technical movements, get a little more in depth coaching, and be around some great people!

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“I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living, or get busy dying”. – Andy Dufrense, The Shawshank Redemption

We’ve thought through the meaning of how “Crisis” is written in Chinese. Two symbols, translating to “danger”, and “opportunity”.

A third word to add comes from the Greek “krisis”, where the English word originated from. In Greek, “krisis” translates to “choice”.

Adversity will change us, but how it changes is us the “krisis” – the choice. Are we choosing to learn from our challenges, leading to wisdom, growth, and depth? Or do we choose to become hardened and bitter?

Danger, Opportunity, Choice.

Strength – 16 minutes

Build to a Heavy Complex:
1 Hang Squat Snatch
2 Power Snatches
3 Overhead Squats

Benchmark Conditioning WOD – 15 minutes

21-15-9 reps of…
Squat Snatch (95/65)
*500m Row after each set


  • This workout should take under 15 minutes to complete
  • Before completing the squat snatches in the workout, we’ll build to a Heavy snatch complex
  • For athletes with no goals of competing in the sport of CrossFit, Power Snatches Maybe less risky or complete a power snatch with an overhead squat


  • Looking for a lighter barbell that you could complete the set of 21 in 1-2 sets when fresh

Elbows High
The elbows play a vital role in the snatch as well. When we snatch today, let’s focus on getting the elbows high and outside. Doing so keeps the bar tracking close to the body after athletes reach triple extension. We often see the elbows float away from the body after extension like in a kettlebell swing. This makes the accuracy and balance of securing the weight overhead that much more difficult.


  • Set yourself up for a strong set of 15 to stay balanced in this workout


  • 7 Sets: 3’s
  • 6 Sets: 6-5-4-3-2-1
  • 5 Sets: 5-4-4-4-4
  • 4 Sets: 6-5-5-5
  • 3 Sets: 7-7-7 or 8-7-6
  • 2 Sets: 12-9


  • 5 Sets: 3’s
  • 4 Sets: 4-4-4-3
  • 3 Sets: 5-5-5 or 6-5-4
  • 2 Sets: 8-7


  • 3 Sets: 3’s
  • 2 Sets: 5-4

Extra Work

*These workouts will be programmed occasionally (2-3 times a week) and are for those athletes in the gym who want a little bit more outside of class to help them be more competitive in the Open or other competitions. These pieces are typically higher skill and are intended to be completed before or after class.

Capacity Builder
5 Sets, Not For Time:
60 Unbroken Double Unders
40% Unbroken Ring Muscle-ups
*40% of you max effort unbroken muscle up set (if you can do 7 unbroken when fresh then complete 3 here each set)