W.O.D. Friday 12/4/20


W.O.D. Friday 12/4/20

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Strength – 12 minutes

Find a 1 rep Push Jerk

*Build in weight. If you do not already know your 1 rep max push jerk, aim to find a max effort to use on today’s barbell cycling. You can either find a new 1 rep max or just focus on technique and on the barbell cycling use a past 1 rep max to base it off of.

Barbell Cycling – 12 min cap

For Time:
12 Push Jerks @ 60% 1RM Jerk (moderate)
9 Push Jerks @ 70% 1RM Jerk (moderate heavy)
6 Push Jerks @ 80% 1RM Jerk (heavy)

Rest 1 Minute (mandatory, watch the clock!)

6 Push Jerks @ 80% 1RM Jerk
9 Push Jerks @ 70% 1RM Jerk
12 Push Jerks @ 60% 1RM Jerk

Use One Bar
Change the Weights
Taken From the Ground

*This could go a couple different ways. Either you move through this quickly and maybe should’ve gone heavier, or you went to heavy and are unable to finish. If you don’t know your 1 rep max, make sure to go heavy in the strength, and do your best to find an accurate 1 rep to base these percentages off of!

Gymnastics Conditioning – 3 minutes

As many points as possible in 3 minutes of…

  1. 14 points = Burpee Ring Muscle Ups
  2. 10 points = Burpee Bar Muscle Ups
  3. 6 points = Burpee Chest to Bar Pullups
  4. 4 points = Burpee Pullups
  5. 2 points = Burpee Banded Pullups
  6. 1 point = Burpee Ring Rows

***Each movement requires a burpee then a pull. You may pick any variety to rack up as many points as possible. Of course the more technical the more points. If you are completing ring rows or banded pullups, your limiting factor will be speed of the burpee and the hope you can keep a pace the whole time while others my fatigue trying to do the more complicated movements.

Extra Work

Not For Time:
800 Meter Double Dumbbell Farmers Carry 50s/35s

Choose a Weight That Allows You to Go at Least 100 Meters Unbroken Each Time

***For more advanced athletes consider completing a 50ft handstand walk buy in and buy out.