W.O.D. Friday 2/9/18 – evening classes cancelled


W.O.D. Friday 2/9/18 – evening classes cancelled

Moving details and reminders for Friday and Saturday!

Evening classes are cancelled! The moving process will be underway!

Starting at 5pm tonight (Friday) we will break down the pullup rigs/racks, gather all equipment, office supplies, childcare room, retail, and put everything next to the bay doors to be moved the next day. Due to the possible weather on Saturday we may bring over bikes and rowers to the new gym to avoid wet weather. This process may only require a handful of people, and hopefully not take long, but likely be a 2 hour process at the most. Anyone with an impact drill and skill to use it, please bring it! We are grateful for whoever would like to be involved!

As for Saturday, the 9am class will be cancelled and at 9am is when and where we will need the most help (bring your trucks, trailers, impact drills and muscle).  Pull around the back to load at the bay doors.  Donuts and coffee provided, topped off with some snacks provided by Supplement Superstores and Axom Performance!

This is where we all make a couple huge trips to the new facility and unload it.


Also if you would be available to volunteer we will make a few teams of volunteers to help with landscape, cleaning, and assembling the equipment.  We don’t take any of your help for granted and are so blessed to have your help!  We tried our best to accomplish everything needed before this day came. Specifically, if landscaping is what you’re interested in, there is a chance we will have much or most of it done so look here and on the family page for updates. As of now, try to bring a shovel as we will have rock and mulch delivered and also be picking some weeds and trimming to freshen up the outside premises.  As for cleaning, bring any cleaning supplies to wipe down the gym, whether it be equipment, the trim, desks, and bathrooms.

The rest of the day Saturday is loose to come and go, as we may still need help with cleaning, landscape and setting up the equipment. For that matter it can be one big social hour while a few of the specialists get some things done around the gym.

So exciting!  So thankful for such a giving community!  Love you all!  Here’s to a bright future!

Strength/Conditioning WOD – 35 minutes

On a 35 minute running clock…

*Coaches – please use a concise warmup, allowing time for athletes to mess with their Handstand pushup technique and heavier weights for the complex

0:00 – 10:00 Skill work

For time…

30 Strict Handstand Push-ups
Rest mandatory 2:00
30 Strict Handstand Push-ups

*If you do not finish within time frame, add one sec per rep onto the time cap (10 HSPUs left = 10:10)

*Scale with Kipping HSPUs OR Strict Shoulder Press 95/65

10:00 – 22:00 Strength

3-Position Power Clean
Build to a Heavy Complex (Hi hang from mid thigh + Low hang from knees + Full Clean from ground)

25:00 – 35:00 Conditioning

3 Rounds for time…
15 Hang Power Cleans 115/85
20 Toes to Bar

*For every rep not completed under time cap add one sec per rep to the 10 min cap

Post 3 scores!  Time on skill work, weight on 3 position clean and time on conditioning!