W.O.D. Friday 3/30/18


W.O.D. Friday 3/30/18

Wrap up the month strong with your check-ins on Facebook and tagging friends, as each time counts as a donation that CFR will make to our monthly causes!  Remember that this month is providing Vitamins for malnutritioned kids under 5 and their mothers around the world!

April’s exciting cause will be released Monday!  Let’s give back and let us use CFR as a vehicle to bless others less fortunate!  Just check-in!

Last week spent a rewarding morning reading a story, talking about healthy and balanced lifestyles and leading kids and their parents through some exercises at a nearby elementary school!
No matter how busy you are, anytime you are given an invitation to talk to young people and become a positive influence in any way… DO IT!  These young people all around us, need support, encouragement, and insight from those who have already experienced what success and trials in this life can look like, and how to handle it.
#MakeTheTime #OurFuture #TheLittleThingsAreTheBigThings

Strength – 16 minutes

Back Squat

7 sets of 2

*2 scores – Increase in weight as you go…  post your 5th set weight and 7th set weight

Conditioning WOD – 14 min

*Coaches, no running inside please.  Athletes wear a stocking cap and light jacket if needed.  Also coaches, for running, please place a cone in the parking spot outside of the double doors, a cone by the shoulder of the road for oncoming traffic, and make the athletes aware of the drop off from the sidewalk to the parking lot please 🙂

As many rounds + reps as possible in 14 minutes of…

10 Snatches 135/95

200m Med Ball Run 30/20 (=20 reps)

10 UNBROKEN* Wall Balls 30/20

*Med ball can be held however you want on the run, but cannot touch the ground – 5 burpee penalty on the spot if it does.  

*If time expires while on the run estimate how far you would had run, every 10m = 1 rep.

*UNBROKEN wall balls means that if you divide or stop your set at any time, you “broke”… therefore a 5 burpee penalty on the spot… coaches please enforce this!

Post 3 scores!  Your 5th and 7th set on back squat and rounds + reps on the WOD!