W.O.D. Friday 4/20/18


W.O.D. Friday 4/20/18

Another rig?!  More pullups bars?!  More squat and pressing racks?!  More Muscle Up stations?!   More Wall balls targets?!   You bet!

#AllTheGrowth #NoMoreSharing #WellAtLeastForNow

Don’t forget to download the Sugar WOD app on your phone and join the CrossFit Republic team, to track all your lift numbers and workout times!  This is agreat way to see where you have come from and where you are going. Not to mention, give a few virtual “fist bumps” out…  you’ll have to download it to see 😉


Back Squat Maintenance

*This should start to feel very smooth and lighter, considering the past 3 weeks of volume.  Keep up the good work!

Every 2 minutes on the minute for 12 minutes, (6 sets) complete…

2 back squats – at 80% of your 1 rep max

*If you don’t know your 1 rep max back squat, work up to a challenging weight and stay there all 6 sets for 2 reps

*Coaches- please allow 5-10 minutes for athletes to work up to their starting weight and keep it all sets

Conditioning WOD – 20 min cap

*Coaches- please line boxes up around edges of class as needed.  Also, please place cones in parking spot outside of door and on white line of the shoulder on road

4 Rounds for time of…

*Must use opposite hand for lunges each round (Only Right arm-round 1, Only Left arm-round 2… etc…)

14 Single Arm Overhead KB Lunges R/L 2 70/55

200m Single Arm Farmers Walk 70/55

14 Box Overs 24/20

*if time cap hits you, no problem… way to challenge yourself.  Just add one second per rep not completed to the time cap.  (200m = 20 reps, estimate accordingly if needed)

Post 80% back squat weight used for all sets and time of workout!