W.O.D. Friday 4/27/18


W.O.D. Friday 4/27/18

This Saturday is BRING A FRIEND(s) FREE DAY!

The last Saturday of each month you can bring a friend(s) to the 9am class workout for FREE, show them around, and have them join you for a challenging yet simple workout, that will leave them with that layer of sweat and feeling of accomplishment, all for free!

***Remember our 10% referral discount if they join, which is applied to both of your accounts for the month 

#Fitness4Everyone #BringAFriendFree #CFRFamily

Next thing on the Saturday agenda will be encouraging all our CFR teams participating in the Lift Up A Child Competition!  Located near downtown Springfield at Royal Barbell, we have several teams representing CFR.  Come cheer them on!

CFR Teams for Lift Up a Child on Saturday, April 28th

  • A Beard & A Babyface- Landon Sullins/Michael Knoll
  • Car Ramrod- Tychus McCoy/Michael Battle
  • Dottirs R Us- Hannah Laxton/Becky DeMaria
  • Aggressively Average- Melissa Flokstra/Deziree Marsh
  • Team Strong Like Bull- Ashley Gilmore/Casey Pomery
  • Scorpion Death Squad- Chris Crosby/Kevin Inmon
  • Not Fast, But Furious- Matt Norman/ (another CFR member)
  • 16 Bit Heroes- Adam Chmielik/Tyler Hanewinkel

For details on the facebook page Click here!  OR Visit the Lift Up a Child Fitness Challenge on Facebook!

Strength – 15 minutes

Build to a heavy 1 rep Hang Power Clean

Conditioning WOD – 18 min cap

For time…

3,6,9,12,15,18,21 reps of…

Hang Clean 115/75

Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

Toes to Bar

*If you do not make the time cap, add one second per rep not completed to the time (18:12 = 12 reps left)

*Toes to rig only used if dealing with any kind of injury.  Use Strict knees to elbow, knees to chest, knees above waistline or knees as high as possible, to mimic toes to bar and develop grip and shoulder strength and to scale accordingly

Post greatest weight achieved on the hang power clean and time of workout!