W.O.D. Friday 4/5/19


W.O.D. Friday 4/5/19

A post from one of our Form and Fuel and CFR coaches

“Hey guys, my name is Landon Sullins. Three years ago my true fitness/nutrition journey began. See I was a lifelong athlete; I played basketball and baseball, the latter all the way through college. After college I got a desk job in corporate America and gained quite a bit of weight; which I couldn’t really afford to do, honestly. I finally got tired of it a decided to make a change. I weighed in at 218 pounds in April of 2016. By December of 2016 I was down to 172 pounds.

You may read that last sentence and think, “wow that’s a drastic change!” And you would be right it was; physically and mentally. I became obsessed with having abs and honestly became a little vain. All the while I was miserable, hungry, and cold!

It wasn’t until I started CrossFit in March of 2017 that I realized my restrictive diet is not going to work. I had to have energy for these high intensity workouts. So I started hanging up my food intake. It took me almost a year to find what worked for me, but I did. I am stronger, healthier, and much more fit because of it!

Fitness and nutrition is not about be “IG shredded.” As I said above, I have been that lean and I was miserable. It is about eating healthy foods most of the time and allowing yourself freedom to socialize and moderate “suboptimal” foods some of the time. Consistency is key!

That is where Form and Fuel Nutrition comes in! Our coaching helps you build those healthy habits and discipline to make those healthy choices and become the best version of yourself as possible!

Take a look at our site at formandfuelnutrition.com! Review what we’re about, look through the coaches available to you and we will get you paired with the right coach and get you in the path to better health!

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Also here is a recipe I use frequently for meals on the go!

I get everything I need in a quick and easy fashion. 
There are all kinds of recipes out there; but below is how I make mine.

227g plain Chobani Greek yogurt 
1/2 cup old fashioned oats 
140g mixed berries 
About 80-100g almond milk 
Couple pinches of stevia for sweetness

And done! 
You can also add peanut or almond butter or honey if you desire as well!”

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“I’ll either find a way, or I’ll make one.” – Hannibal

Said by a man who got elephants to climb a mountain.

Angela Duckworth, a leading expert on the study of “grit”, defines it as follows: “Passion and sustained persistence applied towards long-term achievement, with no particular concern for rewards or recognition along the way.” If there is a single attribute that is the closest correlate to success, it may very well be grit. Grit is very much in line with our definition of “mental toughness”. To give our unconditional best, regardless of the circumstances.

It’s doing the unsexy hard work… when no one’s watching. It’s refusing to see a “failure” as “defeat”. It’s refusing to believe that elephants can’t climb mountains… and then proving it.

FYI- the reason you are seeing a heavy cardiovascular or what we call metabolic conditioning today opposed to strength work or gymnastics, is because if you are by chance attending Saturday’s Go Blue workout for child neglect, it is a BIG partner workout with various bar and barbell movements and a long time domain. Yes, I know the endurance WOD had shuttles for Thursday but I want to save your hands, keep you away from doubling up any movements, not break you down on the barbell, while still getting a full body and balanced workout today. Let’s go!

Sprint Intervals

4 Rounds for total reps/cals:
As many reps/cals as possible in 4 minutes of…
30/20 Calorie Row
20/14 Calorie Bike
As many reps/cals as possible in remaining time of 20 ft Shuttle runs/Cal Ski Erg(alternating rounds)

4 Minutes Rest Between Rounds.


  • Long, bodyweight interval workout today
  • 32 minutes of work with three moves
  • Simple movements, so we’ll get started pretty quickly
  • Alternate rounds with shuttles in round 1, ski erg round 2, and so forth.
  • Time suggestions per movement below


  • Looking to complete in less than 90 seconds


  • Looking to complete in less that 90 seconds


  • Want at least a minute to work here
  • Cones 20ft apart from each other
  • Standard is one point of contact behind line, cones, tape, or to a wall
  • Every touch behind line is a rep


  • Stagger on opposite 4 minute windows if large class and short on equipment
  • If for any reason with an extremely large class you are out of equipment, you may sub machines with 1 burpee per calorie



On all three of our movements today, we can use different types of feedback to help improve our technique or pacing. On the rower, we can use something called the Force Curve.

The force curve display on the C2 Rower is a valuable tool that is often underutilized. The force curve is a graph that shows you how you apply power during the stroke, and how that power varies as you use the legs, back, and arms. The smoother the curve on the screen, the smoother the applied force. The more area under the curve, the greater the force applied.

To find the force curve, just press the second button from the top on the right. The ideal force application will look like a bell shaped curve on the screen. A curve that looks like a mountain range means that the transition from legs to torso to arms can be improved. A curve that has a sharp peak at the beginning or the end means that athletes are maxing out their power at the beginning or the end of their stroke.

Athletes can watch this force curve during their first station of each interval to give them feedback to help strengthen their rowing technique.



Not a ton to think about technique wise, as the bike is not necessarily a core to extremity movement, although we do want to use more leg drive than arms. Our feedback here will be using the display to help us clear the bike effectively. Below is some goal RPM pacing to keep you on track. If you hold those RPMS, you will complete the calories in a minute. With the goal of staying under 90 seconds, we can look to hover around those numbers.

60 RPM = 12 Cals
65 RPM = 15 Cals
70 RPM = 20 Cals



Our piece of feedback today on the shuttle runs will be the clock. If the room set-up allows for it, face the clock the whole time and use it to your advantage. Not only does it keeps you on track with alternating legs, it also helps keeps your pacing on point. Pick a second per shuttle run pace and try to stick to it.



  • Score is the sum total of all our shuttle runs and calorie ski erg after 4 rounds
  • Try and make each round fairly similar in reps
  • Use the first round as a feel out round
  • If we can stay in control early, we’ll be able to maintain similar numbers


  • Aim for around 90 seconds on each
  • Spread the effort across both stations
  • Think of the total calorie number and not as individual stations
  • Strong, but controlled efforts


  • You’ll likely have 1+ minutes to work here
  • Finish strong knowing there is rest to come