W.O.D. Friday 5/11/18


W.O.D. Friday 5/11/18

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Strength/Conditioning – 35 min time cap

*Goal- What you want to achieve here is a hard sprint through each round, knowing that rest is coming. The deadlift weight should be heavy enough to make 3-5 reps unbroken a good challenge.  If you must do singles or sets of 2, make sure to still move quickly with a heavy weight.  Your score will be total time of all 10 rounds.  If you do not finish under the time cap, add one second per rep not achieved onto the time cap.

10 Rounds for time…
5 Deadlifts 335/235
10 Chest to Bar Pullups
30 Double Unders
Rest mandatory 1:00 between rounds

*Scale Chest to bar 1:1 with normal pullups, jumping pullups, banded pullups or barbell pullups (coaches will demo)

*Scale Double Unders 1:1 with bar hops or line jumps OR 2:1 singles (based on your ability levels)

Post total time for the workout!