W.O.D. Friday 5/24/19


W.O.D. Friday 5/24/19

A couple reminders!

With the power outage, stay tuned to the Facebook CFR family page about classes for Friday and all weekend if this goes that far.

Next, don’t forget about the 10am Farewell Workout and Potluck for Coach Mike on Saturday. (no 9am workout) Details are on the family page and different food that is being brought. Please Comment what you are bringing if possible!

Lastly, in honor of Memorial Day we will be doing a community Hero workout on Sunday night at the Kickapoo track at 6:30pm joining other area Crossfits, giving us our Memorial Day completely off. We typically have the largest showing of any crossfit in the area so grab your Murph or CFR shirts and be there! Coach Erin will be opening the gym for a 6:30am Murph workout Monday Memorial Day for those who can’t make it Sunday night. Gym is closed Memorial Day otherwise!



“If you put limits on everything you do – physical or anything else – it will spread into your work and your life. There are no limits, only plateaus, and we must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident when he was younger. He was told, he would never be able to walk again.

In that moment, he had a choice. To believe that his life was limited, to which a self-fulfilling prophecy would have followed. Or, he could choose to believe that there truly are no limits – only the ones we impose on ourselves.

Bruce made his choice. He chose to believe in cause and effect, and he put in the work. When times got hard, he got harder. When he reached a plateau, he recognized it for what it was. Not a limit, but the next challenge. And he found a way to overcome.

Bruce made his choice. When we reach our next challenge, what will be ours? Will we see it as our limit, or as the plateau that it truly is?

Speed – 15 minutes

*Please do not park on front strip in front of CFR! Leave open for sled pushes!

Within the 15 minutes, complete 1 – 100m sled push for time
*RX weight added on sled – 180 (4-45s) / 130 (2-45s 4-10s)
*Coaches plan ahead and have sleds and some weights out to put on sleds then have athletes bring weights in for deadlifts so there are enough if needed

*There should be 4 sleds. Based on class size, line up single file lines. We want several heats of 1 – 100m push for time from each person. Load up 2 sleds at RX weight, one women’s, and one men’s, and then two scaled if needed with women’s and men’s weight respectively.
*This will be completed from the first yellow parking hash on the front strip in front of CFR, all the way to the far hash on the otherside of the lot, then turn around and come back. Time is when the sled completely crosses the line.
*Coaches – have your phone as a timer with you and yell out times as they cross the line.

Conditioning WOD – 15 minutes

On the 3:00 x 5 Rounds:
200m Med Ball Run 30/20
20 AbMat Sit-Ups
5 Deadlifts

Build in loading on the deadlift. Score is weights used. Put round times in notes.


  • Strength mixed with conditioning
  • Score is loading on the deadlift (put times for each round in the comments)
  • Looking for a fast pace on the bodyweight movements and quality heavy deadlifts
  • Should aim to complete these rounds around 2-2:15, so there is at least 30-45 seconds to rest and change out weights. If you are pushing this time, scale so you can make it happen


  • Should be able to get the deadlifts straight in all 5 rounds
  • Start around 65% of your 1 rep max and build with each jump

Back Position
Let’s pay attention to our back positioning during our AbMat sit-ups today. Although these are unloaded, we want to carry over good muscle memory to our deadlifts. At the top, we can think about reaching the head towards the ceiling. This keeps the back in a neutral position. It is common here to see a big rounding over. Let’s sit-up like we’d deadlift.

Hear the Click
We can use an unlikely body part to set us in a good position today with the deadlift: our ears. Before athletes lift the bar off the floor, we want to pull ourselves down into position by pulling up on the bar. When this happens, we’ll hear a little clicking sound. This is called “taking the slack out of the bar”. When we get rid of the slack, we set the back, press the legs into the ground without lifting the bar, and squeeze the arms tight to the body. Hear the click before you lift.


  • Move quickly while keeping back position top of mind DEADLIFTS
  • Prioritize a solid set-up and shoot for good looking, unbroken sets