W.O.D. Friday 5/25/18


W.O.D. Friday 5/25/18

Saturday is Bring Friend(s) FREE Day, which lines up perfectly with our new cycle of the Learn To CrossFit Class starting this Tuesday the 29th at 6:30PM!

If you know someone interested, whether they can come on Saturday or not, feel free to invite them to start their new journey with CFR on Tuesday at 6:30PM with the most affordable, encouraging, crossfit gym, that has the most resources available in the area!  Now is a great time to join the CFR family!

*Many have asked about when back squat 1 rep maxes will be tested again.  After some tapering on heavy loads, some accessory lifts, and various volume in squats, we will be testing next Friday the 1st and then again two days later on Monday the 4th for either anyone who wants a second chance or who had to miss it.  In the mean time, hit today’s maintenance day, and rip out those air squats on Memorial Day, with “Murph”.  You should be ready to go by those dates for a great back squat!


Back Squat Maintenance

Every 2 minutes on the minute for 12 minutes, (6 sets) complete…

2 back squats – at 80% of your 1 rep max

*If you don’t know your 1 rep max back squat, work up to a challenging weight and stay there all 6 sets for 2 reps

*Coaches- please allow 5-10 minutes for athletes to work up to their starting weight and keep it all sets

Conditioning WOD – 10 minutes

0:00-6:00 – Every minute on the minute complete 8 Deadlifts 225/155…

In remaining time of that minute complete max reps Box overs 30/24.

*Score is total box overs complete within that 6 minutes.

6:00 – 8:00 – Rest 2 minutes as a class then…

8:00 – 10:00 Not for score – Find an upright on the rig, lay down, grab on behind head and complete nice and steady toes to rig for 2 minutes (coaches will demonstrate scale options as well)

*Legs as straight as possible with toes pointed and bringing your rear end off the ground as high as possible touch the highest hole on the rig as possible with your toes = 1 rep

*Scale box overs as needed with smaller boxes, stacked plates, bar hops or line jumps!

Post the 1 weight used for your 6 sets of back squats and total box overs achieved!