W.O.D. Friday 5/31/19


W.O.D. Friday 5/31/19


“A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.” – Joseph Stalin

A morbid thought from the former dictator of the Soviet Union.

There is truth behind this statement that we can relate to. As human beings, we do not relate to the many. We relate to the one. We simply cannot connect on an emotional level to something without a specific human story.

The purpose of the quote above is not to shame us, but to bring perspective to something we can take into our daily lives: to treat every individual, as a true individual. Stereotypes are ever easy to adopt. But when we do, we write off individuals… as just another number. A “statistic”.

When we feel the desire to generalize, let’s choose the opposite path. Act for the one.

Strength (2 parts) – 20 minute running clock for both

*Athletes will have 20 minutes to establish a heavy 2 rep pausing front squat and then a heavy 1 rep hand squat clean. This is the pausing front squat portion.

Off the rack – build to Heavy Set of 2 Pausing Front Squats (pause 2 seconds at bottom)


  • Athletes will have 20 minutes to complete both movements
  • This can be an even or uneven split of time (10-10, 12-8)
  • Best opportunity to coach today is during this time

No Momentum
In the pausing front squat, we want to remove all momentum from the bottom. The goal here is to stay in an active position just below parallel for 2 seconds. This is more difficult and will likely result in athletes lifting less weight than without the pause, but is a great tool for both strength and positioning.

*Athletes will have 20 minutes to establish a heavy 2 rep pausing front squat and then a heavy 1 rep hang squat clean. This is the Hang Squat clean scoring portion.

Build to Heavy 1 rep Hang Squat Clean

There is no pause on the hang squat clean. Here, we can use momentum to our advantage. The “Stretch Reflex” we get from hinging the bar to right above the knee and immediately changing directions can help athletes lift more weight. There is also no need to pause in the bottom of the squat. We want to maintain the good position just established in the pausing front squat, but we can use the stretch reflex here to assist us in standing up.

Conditioning WOD – 12 minute cap

3 Rounds for time of…
15 Hang Squat Cleans 115/85
15 Lateral Bar Burpees


  • 2 Strength Movements and 1 Metcon Today


  • 20 minutes to work through the two strength movements
  • Pausing Front Squats are from a rack and include a 2 second pause in the bottom
  • Hang Squat Clean starts from the floor


  • Looking to complete this in 10 minutes or less
  • Choose a weight you can complete in 2-3 Sets (8-7, 6-5-4, 5-5-5)
  • No need to stand all the way up on burpees

We’ll use our lateral bar burpee movement prep as a little extended warmup. Athletes can use the momentum out of the bottom to assist them in getting over the bar. As athletes either step up or jump up, we can get the bodyweight leaning towards the inside leg. This shift in weight helps carry us over the bar without extra steps or pauses needed.


  • Aim to increase pace with each round
  • The first round should be our slowest round
  • Maintain in the middle round
  • Finish strong with the last round


  • 2-3 sets from the beginning
  • 3 Sets: 6-5-4 or 5-5-5
  • 2 Sets: 9-6 or 8-7


  • Find a steady pace that you won’t stop moving at
  • One that allows you to stick to the plan on the barbell