W.O.D. Friday 6/29/18


W.O.D. Friday 6/29/18

Schedule Change!

Slight change in schedule on our BRING A FRIEND FREE Saturdays…

We have always had Bring A Friend Free on the last Saturday of each month.  Many know that you bring someone most any day who can come free for their first time, but our Bring A Friend Free Saturdays caters specifically to newbies, better than ever with a suitable workout and more coaches on hand those Saturdays.

 To make this more beneficial for any newbies trying CFR out, we will be changing this and having Bring a Friend Free every 3 weeks revolved around our Learn To CrossFit cycle start dates, so anyone new who enjoyed their Saturday workout can immediately jump in, opposed to a waiting period based on where the cycle currently is.  There is no limit to how many friends you can bring either!

Yes, in the past we have allowed many to jump into the middle of the cycle, but as we’ve grown and also got more difficult with our programming, missing one or two classes is the max to miss before being pushed to the next cycle.

So what this means is there is no BRING A FRIEND FREE this week, but will now be on July 7th before our July 10th cycle starts.  This also means that our Hero Workouts won’t always be on the 1st Saturday of each month either, but we will continue to have them once a month on varying Saturdays.  Just look for the announcements and the website for me to program them.

Hope this makes sense it works well for all our friends we would bring in the future!  Thanks!

Skill Work – 10 minutes

Use this time to work on either or both of Double Unders and Handstand pushups.  If you have both conquered, consider practicing handstand walks at your own discretion (do not practice Handstand walking unless you can achieve 8-10 unbroken handstand pushups)

Things to look at improvement with your coach on Double unders

  • Are you competent on singles before trying DUs
  • Bigger jump
  • Fast wrist rotation
  • Hands in closer and slightly in front of body
  • Relaxed shoulders

Things to look at improvement with your coach on Handstand Pushups

  • Upper body strong enough to support inversion against the wall?
  • Mental Commitment to be inverted at all
  • Look at an efficient kip vs strict – practicing what you are weaker at
  • Look at the scaled variations, that are challenging but doable – stacked abmats, off a box, inverted, or pressing overhead

Conditioning WOD –  20 minutes

*Coaches- In larger classes look to start 3 different groups (Deads, Row, Handstand PUs) – trying to keep RX athletes starting on Deads so they can truly mark RX

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

55 Deadlifts 185/135
55 Double Unders
55 Calorie Row
55 Handstand Pushups (RX-one abmat only)

*Scale DUs with 2:1 singles (jump ropes for sale up front if needed) OR 1:1 Bar hops

*Scale Handstand pushups with stacked abmats, off a box, inverted hold against wall for 2 minutes, OR double DB push press 50/35

Check mark which skill or skills you practiced in our skills session and rounds + reps for conditioning!