W.O.D. Friday 7/30/21


W.O.D. Friday 7/30/21

Conditioning WOD – 25 minutes

4 Rounds For Time:
24/18 Cal Bike or Ski OR 40/31 Cal Row OR 400m Run
9 Deadlifts (275/185)
18 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups

Score = The time it takes to complete the workout

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-4:00]
Time Stimulus: This is a 15:00-20:00 workout.
If you are a minute or two over it’s ok. But, the goal is to shoot for sub 4:30-5:00 rounds for at least three rounds and not to skirt the line of 5:00 and over for all four rounds.

9 heavy Deadlifts should take ~:30-:45 in 1-2 sets.
If we have to break the Deadlift in to 3 sets because it’s too heavy, the load is too heavy for today. Scale to a load that allows for 1-2 sets across all 4 rounds.

FOR RX – go flat to the ground OR use a 25lb under each hand with a single abmat for head
18 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups should take ~:45-1:30.
If we cannot complete 9+ consecutive HSPU’s when fresh, reduce the number to something that can be completed in 3 sets or less every round.
Strict Handstand Push-Ups are allowed.
The DB Push Press expectation should align with the HSPU, but may be a little quicker. Challenge yourselves on the DB Push Press. These should not be 18 unbroken every rounds with ease.

GENERAL WARM-UP [4:00-10:00]
Activate/Get Hot
10 Cal machine
:30 Knuckle Drags
10 Push-Ups
10 Cal Machine
:30 Leg Swings
10 DB Strict Press

:30 Active Samson Stretch
:30 Child’s Pose on Rower

SPECIFIC WARM-UP [10:00-27:00]
FOCUS: MIDLINE STABILIZATION – “Bendy and loose spines are not strong spines”
A rounded back (flexion) and ribs sticking out excessively (hyper-extension) are both r’ed flag’ faults AND increase the risk of injury. Today, we will bring our attention to how well our athletes can find and maintain a stable spine when Deadlifting and being upside down in the Handstand Push-Up. Helping our athletes to claim and make a connection with what it means to have a stable midline, will not only increase performance, but it will reduce a lot of unnecessary pressure/stress on the lower back.

Handstand Push-Up – Focus on correcting hyperextension of the spine aka “ribs sticking out”

Athletes who struggle with HSPU’s use 1-2 Abmats (10:00)
:20 Handstand Hold / DB Overhead Hold
Negative HSPU / Negative DB Press
Strict HSPU / Strict DB Press
Negative Kipping HSPU / Negative DB Push Press
Kipping Handstand Push-Up / DB Push Press

Deadlift – Focus on correcting rounded backs (7:00)
10 Empty Barbell Deadlifts
10 Light Loaded Deadlifts

Loading & Practice
5 Moderate Deadlifts
3 HSPU’s or DB Press Push
5 Heavy Deadlifts (Game Load)
3 HSPU’s or DB Press Push

[General Order – 1) Can Scale Intensity via loads, reps/distance, time 2) Movements via modifications, substitutions or replacement (injury)]


  • Decrease Load/Reps (to a rep range that can be completed in 2 sets. For decreasing reps, we recommend not going any lower than 5 reps)
  • Deadlift from Plates (this will decrease range-of-motion for athletes who struggle to maintain a neutral spine in the set-up)


  • Decrease Reps (to a number that can be completed in 3 sets)
  • Decrease Range-of-Motion – Use 1 or 2 Abmats)
  • Dumbbell Push Press; Strict Press; Single Arm DB Press
  • Push-Up Variation, Pike, Hands elevated on a bench or box, Knee Push-Ups

Extra Work

[Designed for members wanting a little more – to be completed outside of the 60-minute class]

*You may grab a single sled out of the shed, and complete in front of gym. Be careful of traffic. Please put back after using

On the 0:00…
200 Meter Sled Drag (Bodyweight) (up and back length of grassy area in front from entry to entry)

On the 5:00…
50 Steps Single Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge (55/35)

On the 10:00…
200 Meter Sled Drag (Bodyweight)