W.O.D. Friday 8/2/19


W.O.D. Friday 8/2/19


Even if you don’t have a friend at CFR, and want to try it out, show up! You’ll be welcomed no matter what! 👊

9am and 10am class offered, with childcare available!
A fun but challenging workout leaving you that satisfied feeling and sweat all for FREE! 😍

Fitness for everyone at CFR! 💪

PS. If you enjoy it, start our next Learn To CrossFit Class this coming Monday the 5th with other Newbies at 6:30pm!

Call 732-5433 or message for more details!

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Strength – 15 minutes

Build to Heavy Set of 5 Push Press


  • All sets today will come from the rack
  • Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to their heavy set of 5
  • Coaches – this is the best time to get around to see and correct movement


“Energy and persistence conquer all things” – Benjamin Franklin

We are quick to pass judgements on what is possible.

Before we take measurement on what we are capable of learning, building, achieving, our thoughts gravitate to the magnitude of the obstacles ahead. And we pass judgement, based on our current state of affairs.

In doing so, we fail to realize how powerful we truly are.

Instead of looking at tasks as “possible” or “impossible”, ask ourselves – how hard as we willing to work?

If we don’t have the skills required to get the job – we can learn them.
If we don’t have the 400lb back squat – we can forge it.
If we’ve never ran more than a mile before, we can build our capacity to run in the Boston Marathon.

It’s not whether it’s possible or not – let’s take those out of our vocabulary.
It’s how hard we willing to work.
How much we are willing to sacrifice.
How far we are willing to go.

Conditioning WOD – 15 min cap

5 Rounds for time of…
15 Deadlifts
6 Push Presses

Barbell: 185/125

*Watch the rebend in the knee on the push presses! No push jerks!


  • Two part, all barbell workout
  • Push presses will come from the rack in the strength piece
  • One barbell from the floor in the workout


  • We’re choosing our weight for the barbell based off the push press
  • Choose a weight that you can complete in 1-2 sets each round


  • The deadlift is intended to be relatively light compared to the push press within the workout

Head Positioning
Our focus today on the deadlift is upper body positioning, starting with the head. Just like the rest of the spine, we want the head to remain neutral throughout the movement. It is common here to see athletes arch the neck back. We want to draw a straight line from the top of the head to the small of the back. Keeping the chin tucked and eyes down can help with maintaining this neutral position.

Shoulder Positioning
The second thing we can focus with the upper body is our shoulders. In the bottom position, we’re looking for the shoulder blades to be directly in line with the barbell. If the shoulder blades start way behind the barbell, the knees will be too far forward, leading to a tough bar path. If the shoulders are way too far in front of the barbell, it’ll be very difficult to press the bar off the ground.

Bounce vs. Dip
The “dip” portion of the push press is designed to be a shallow, quick movement where athletes are keeping the heels grounded. We can think of it more of a quick bounce than a deep dip. Dipping lower can slow down the movement and cause athletes to lose heel contact and positioning. Keep the dip short and sweet, only about 1-2 inches. This allows athletes to reap the benefits of the quick stretch reflex on the way up.

Bench Press vs. Push Press
During the push press, we want to keep the chest upright by sending the hips back and knees slightly forward. The enables athletes to be powerful, using the legs instead of the back. We can look to avoid the “standing bench press” version of the push press. This happens when the hips and knees both shoot way forward and athletes shoulders lean back. This gets the power from the chest instead of the hips and shoulders and isn’t great for the back.


  • Break the easier movement more (the deadlifts)
  • Limit the number of sets you have to do on the push press
  • Take the first 2 rounds a little slower than you want to so you can thrive on the last 3


  • Shoot for 3-4 sets on the deadlifts
  • Example: 7-7-6-1^

^The 1 deadlift is so you can break before the final deadlift, then hang power clean the weight up, and then start the push presses without having to do any extra deadlifts


  • 1-2 sets on the push press
    • 12 unbroken
    • 7-5 or 6-6