W.O.D. Friday 9/27/19


W.O.D. Friday 9/27/19


If you are looking for something to do this weekend, come support a few us from CFR who are competing in the Heart of America Team Competition this year. Traditionally held at the expo center, this year it will be at CrossFit Springfield on West Kansas. Here’s is the page to go for any info regarding heats and times. Also check the family page for some of the team names if needed!


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.” – Steven Hawking

One of the largest dangers in life is a closed mind.
Yet, very, very few, close on purpose.
We often don’t even realize it’s happening, until it’s too late.

It’s how our mind operates by default. When we think we have the answer, we stop looking for the solution. We not only stop seeking it out, but we no longer are even aware of the next idea, the next thought, as it passes us by. We blind ourselves.

It is not a plea to discount what we have learned. Cherish what we have learned! But instead, value the one thing we truly have – the willingness, to learn. That we have, in full. The willingness to listen to the next path, the next way. The willingness to stare, nakedly, at our weaknesses and address them. The willingness, to always be a student.

As Socrates said, “All I know, is that I know nothing.”

Conditioning WOD – 40 min cap

Teams of 2
3 Rounds for time of…
200 Meter Run
400 Meter Run
600 Meter Run (400+200)


  • One athlete works at a time while the other rests
  • The flow of the workout goes as follow:
  • Athlete 1 runs 200 meters, Athlete 2 runs 200 meters
  • Athlete 1 runs 400 meters, Athlete 2 runs 400 meters
  • Athlete 1 runs 600 meters, Athlete 2 runs 600 meters
  • Repeat that cycle 2 more times for total of 3 rounds each
  • The score today is total time it takes for athletes to complete the 3 rounds
  • On the shorter side, this takes athletes around 30 minutes to complete
  • Athletes on the longer side will take 38-40 minutes to complete the work


  • If unable to run, complete one of the following:
  • Row: 250-500-750
  • Assault Bike: 14/10-28/20-42/30

Wall Drills
With a big running day, we’ll prime our efforts with some drills on the wall. For this first drill, we’ll have our backs to the wall to establish a solid pull of the foot right under our body. For the other drill, we’ll lean into the wall to simulate the “fall & pull” feeling we’ll experience out on the pavement. See the daily video for a visual of both drills in action.

Movement Prep
*Back to Wall Drill: *
20 Seconds of Slow Pulls in Place
20 Seconds of Faster Pulls in Place
100 Meter Run

*Wall Facing Drill: *
20 Seconds Slow Pulls
20 Seconds Faster Pulls
100 Meter Run


  • Let’s think of having three different gears today on the run:
  • The 200 meter gear is “very fast”
  • The 400 meter gear is “fast”
  • The 600 meter gear is “moderately fast”
  • Having these three different speeds helps you work hard and smart across the lengthy 3 rounds, or 2 1/4 miles of interval work
  • In the first round, get a gauge on how long each distance is taking you and look to repeat that time or effort level in rounds 2 and 3