W.O.D. Monday 1/7/19


W.O.D. Monday 1/7/19

Schedule Change!

Schedule Change!
Our Mobility class has changed times to 5PM Mondays!
With access to our onsite Doctor of Physical Therapy and CFR member, Chance Martin DPT, FREE mobility classes are available each week. Every Monday at 5:00pm, our Physical Therapist leads you through various movements while educating you on the “why” so you can complete these same moves anywhere needed, to enhance your performance, range of motion, treat or prevent injury, and to be better at everyday life. Also available for cash based consultations and evaluations while at CFR. This is a great resource amongst the many other things we offer for our members!

And don’t forget about our 8:30am specialty mobility class with our yoga-certified instructor! $5 drop in with childcare available!

Take a look at our “what we offer” page to remind yourselves all that is available to you!
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Strength/Conditioning WOD – 18 minutes

Athletes will build in load over the six rounds, taking the barbell from the floor. We’ll record the greatest weight achieved for 5 front squats (from the ground) and also note how fast the time it takes to complete each round on the whiteboard and SugarWOD in the comments. Rounds begin on the 0:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, and 15:00. If short on Bikes for whole group to start on, start a second group on the rower and a third group on the ski ergs, alternating each round. (ex- Bike, Row, Erg, Bike, Row , Erg)

Each week we’ll include somewhere between 1-3 strength biased days. This is our first strength biased day of the week, although a little more unconventional. The front squats will come from the floor, so it should be a weight that athletes can safely clean. A squat clean on the first rep is allowed. With the time constraints and nature of the movement, looking for athletes to hold on for 5 unbroken each round.
Athletes/Coaches please remember there are pointers for each movement and strategy below the workout.

On the 3:00 x 6 Rounds:
15/11 Calorie Bike/Row/Erg (alternating rounds)
30 Double Unders
5 Front Squats (from the ground, sq clean counts)

Upper Body
Focusing on what our upper body is and isn’t doing can be helpful in the grand scheme of today’s workout. We do want our upper body to remain rigid with the elbows tight to the ribcage. When the shoulders rock from side to side and the elbows flair out, power is negatively effected. We don’t want to have a death grip on the handles. Knowing there are double unders to follow, we can relax the hands and use the pressure from the lean forward to maintain tension.

Handle Height
Looking for the hands to stay at about hip width, slightly in front of the pockets. If athletes had sparklers in their hands, they would be making tight circles and not long, loopy ovals. Keeping these circles on the tighter side ensures that the rope stays where they want it, allowing the legs and arms to better sync up.

Scaling Double Unders-
Reduce Reps
30 Seconds of Double Under Practice
40 Single Unders

Tuck Under
We’ve talked about the hips initiating the squat. We can dig a little deeper into how the hips initiate. It is sometimes common to see the pelvis abandon the rest of the spine during this initial movement. Rather than overextending to start the movement, athletes can aim to keep their pelvis tucked under the body. This allows them to better support the weight sitting on their shoulders.

With a very small number on the jump rope and short windows, athletes can afford to go a little faster on the bike/row/erg. This should be a pace that ideally allows for unbroken sets on the rope.

It is tempting for athletes to only pickup the bar once they feel ready. Encourage them to pick it up earlier than they want to. Once the bar is on the shoulders, they won’t want to put it down. The faster they work, the more rest they get.