W.O.D. Monday 1/8/18


W.O.D. Monday 1/8/18

Back to normal programming!  Be aware, if you trust the process, the results will come.  Notice all the PRs from this past two week’s benchmarks, and the energy it has brought.  It’s time to continue to get stronger, faster, leaner, and overall more healthy!  Let’s not just grow in our fitness this year but make positive changes in every part of our lives! Here’s to the New Year and us tackling 2018 as a gym!  #AllTheGainzzz #YouChoose  #CFRFamily

Skill development – 8 minutes

*2 scores – Total number of Ring muscle ups or number of the scaled variation you choose below and if you RXd or scaled this portion

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes complete…
Odd min: Max Ring Muscle-ups in 40 Seconds
Even min: 50 Double Unders

*Scale the Ring MUs based on your abilities with either Bar MUs, Chest to Bar Pullups, Pullups, Jumping Pullups, or Ring Rows and post accordingly

*Scale DUs with 100 singles OR if the minute catches you, begin to scale to work only 50 seconds of that minute each time moving forward

*Speed ropes for sale up front if needed

Conditioning WOD – 18 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 18 minutes of…

18/12 Calorie Row (Male/Female)
14 Pullups  CompRX Chest-to-Bar
10 Burpee Box Overs 24/20
6 Heavy Clean and Jerks 185/125  CompRX 225/155

Post 3 scores. Total ring muscle ups completed or the variation chosen, RX or scaled EMOM, and total number of rounds + reps achieved in the conditioning!