W.O.D. Monday 10/15/18


W.O.D. Monday 10/15/18

Reminder that EatFitGo is here!

Need some help with meal prepping?  Planning your week and trying to eat healthy?  EatFitGo delivers directly to CrossFit Republic!

Order deliveries will be Mondays and Thursdays, and all you have to do is make your order online here!

1. Go to www.EatFitGo.Com/OrderSpringfield
2. Select the meals to add to your cart
3. Under Order Type select Cooler Drop-off
4. Select the day you would like your meals dropped off
*Delivery days are Monday and Thursday in the morning
5. Enter your information (First/Last name, etc.) and Complete Transaction
6. Under Order Notes type which cooler drop-off location
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Conditioning WOD

*Coaches – Gather athletes up in heats for larger classes.  2nd heat of athletes needs to wait to start until the heat in front of them have all gotten to and achieved 40 calories or more, to make sure the rowers are readily available. Keep this going for a 3rd or 4th heat if necessary, sending 10 people at a time (not one athlete here and there, please keep in heats for motivation purposes).

For time…

50 Alt Pistol Squats r/l=2 Scale-100 Air Squats

50 Calorie Row

30 Handstand Push-ups (25s/abmat)

*Air squats – Unless there is a mobility issue, all squats MUST GO PARALLEL or below to count as a rep. A lot of great athletes in the gym will try to get past this and toe the line, or think they are hitting parallel when they are not.  Please use a med ball or low box behind you and touch each time if needed as guide, as long as it helps you go parallel or below (coaches please demo).  If you are newer or your mobility in the air squat is an issue, please use this time to sink a little lower.  You may even cut the repetitions down if needed to achieve proper form.

*Scale Handstand pushups ONLY with DB push press 50/35 today (no other scales as we want the full intensity of this workout to play out correctly)

Post total times!