W.O.D. Monday 12/3/18


W.O.D. Monday 12/3/18

Alright… here is an OFFER for you, as well as educating you on something you may have had no idea about, especially with the New Year approaching.

Many have seen the banner at the gym and asked what Form and Fuel Nutrition is.

????This is our re-branded CFR Nutrition program. It was developed, is funded, and coached by certified CFR nutrition coaches. Form and Fuel’s mission is to help everyone find optimal health through food, movement, and mindset, to a life of realistic, positive, and sustainable habits.

????Why was it rebranded?
We saw a huge need for credible, engaging, and personal nutrition coaching, not just inside the gym, but outside of the gym as well for the general public. We don’t hand clients a list of food and macros and say good luck. It’s a daily accountability program, personalized to you. We want to revolutionize the game.
We felt it was best to create a brandname that would attract anyone and everyone globally, not just inside the 4 walls of CFR. That’s why we built a separate brand and website that is now available for everyone!www.formandfuelnutrition.com

If you sign up starting now and within the month of December for nutrition coaching, you will get 80% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH. This is with a 6 or 12 month agreement.

This deal is only available to you all, not the general public. I’ll have another deal for the public releasing soon, where you can double dip and win that offer as well. 

???? We have seen people lose 50-100lbs, inches everywhere, get off their medications, create balanced and healthy lifestyles, etc.
Consider this… you will rarely have other opportunities in your life where you are surrounded by as many supportive people doing the same thing as you are right now. Let us help you make it through the holidays with no guilt and enjoying your food.

????For more info, our official website is www.formandfuelnutrition.com or just simply call the gym at 732-5433 for any questions… “Like” the Form and Fuel Nutrition page as well for helpful info that is free of charge!

Time to RESET YOURSELF before 2019 gets here!


*Coaches your choice…  for quick transition of athletes, you may bring ski ergs over on the main floor and place in a line in front of the back rig for convenience, you can also line bikes at the front near the rig as well but leave rowers where they are, giving enough room for burpees and snatches on the main floor.

*Athletes you will alternate rounds.  First 4 minute interval will be with the bike.  Second 4 minute interval will be with the ski erg, Third 4 minute interval will be with the rower, and so forth rotating between the bike, erg, and rower.

*Classes that have more than 10 athletes, one group will be on the bikes, other group will be the ergs, the other on rowers, then alternate accordingly every 4 minutes for a total of 2 rounds on each.  For classes larger than 30 athletes, a fourth group will be formed who will start with the snatches and then work backwards, ending on the bike, erg, or rower.  These cannot be RX athletes though, as RX athletes will need to start from the top and work down to achieve the “RX”.

6 Rounds, On the 4:00, complete…
15/11 Calorie Bike, Calorie Ski Erg, or Calorie Row
10 Bar Over Burpees
5 Power Snatches 155/105

*Your one score is the slowest round that you have out of the 6 intervals.   Bottom line- you must be quick on each interval????  Go hard each time so you can be proud of your “slowest score”!

*Scaling – those who are newer or those who need to possibly scale the bike, erg or rower, please complete the first rounds with reps that are written and then scale from their for future rounds if you could not finish.

Post 1 score – you slowest round!