W.O.D. Monday 2/18/19 – 30 minute cap


W.O.D. Monday 2/18/19 – 30 minute cap

As many of you will notice, I (Macy) have been programming not just for general health and well being outside of the gym, but for those about to take on the CrossFit Open. Many of our workouts the last 2 months have been focused on slightly less weight and more about intensity and efficient movement which is the core of CrossFit. Many of your performances in the gym have increased dramatically because of these simplified workouts, and is good for many of us veterans to come back to the basics and improve the gaps in our game as well.


  • One time through for time
  • Complete all reps at one movement before advancing to the next


  • Should be able to complete at least 20+ when fresh
  • Aiming to complete in around 5 sets within the workout
  • Can use whichever arm desired throughout


  • Substitutions if not enough bikes or injury:
    • 50/35 Calorie Row


  • One round of Strict Cindy is 5 Strict Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Air Squats
  • The upper body movements will be the biggest challenge
  • Choose a rep scheme or variation that you can complete in 1-2 sets each round


  • Stagger the start by 3 minutes if short on bikes

The Class workout for this Friday, and the following 4, will be the CrossFit Open workout. Not knowing what the Open workout or movements will be, we will wait until the workout is announced to program out the days that follow. This allows us to better balance out the week and not have any overlap of movements. This structure will remain the same for the four weeks that follow.

Conditioning WOD – 30 min cap

For Time:
75 Single Arm DB Overhead Stationary lunge steps 50/35 R/L=2
35/25 Calorie Assault Bike
10 Rounds of “Strict Cindy”
*Strict Cindy- 5 Strict Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats

Seat Position
Moving the seat forwards or backwards can allow athletes to control the dominant muscle group. With the seat close to the monitor, the quads will be the primary muscle group. With the seat further away from the monitor, the hamstrings will take on more of the load. Knowing there will likely be a good deal of quad burn right before the bike with the lunges, moving the seat a little further back may be beneficial. Athletes can play around with the setting and find a distance that works best for them.

Let’s bring our attention what our hips are doing. The first thing to consider is full range of motion. On the air squats, we’re looking for the hip crease to finish below the top of the knee for a full rep. The second thing to take into account is where the hips finish at the top. On the air squat specifically, athletes should finish with the hips in line with the ankle, knees, and shoulders. This finish position is essentially our normal standing position.

Body Position
A good looking body position will be the focus of our two strict movements today. A relatively hollow body throughout is the goal. The first place we typically lose the hollow body is at the core. We can imagine wearing a belt. We want our belly buttons directly in line with the belt. If we arch our lower backs, the belly button moves forward of the belt. Squeezing the belly and pointing the toes slightly forward will put athletes in proper alignment. Belly button to belt is what we want to be thinking during all of our pull-ups today.

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Strict Banded or Barbell Pull-ups
Ring Rows

Body Position
The body position on the push-up will be very similar to that of the pull-up. Belly button to belt is the goal. When athletes push the stomach forward and arch the lower back, it makes the range of motion easier. Easy is different from ideal. Hollow is harder to execute, but does a better job at increasing strength from a good position. Let’s try to do the common uncommonly well. With only 10 per round, it is better the break it up into two really good looking sets than it is to just get them done.

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Push-ups to Box, Bench, or Bar in Rack


  • Aim for right around 5 sets today, switching arms each set hoping not to fatigue one arm for future movements
  • Option 1: 25-20-15-10-5
  • Option 2: 21-18-15-12-9
  • Option 3: 5 Sets of 15


  • The strict movements that follow are more taxing on our muscles than our breathing
  • With that in mind, go a little faster on the bike than you want to
  • Pick a RPM or wattage just outside your comfort zone and try to maintain


  • Total numbers are 50 strict pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 150 squats
  • With a fair amount of volume, 2-3 sets on strict movements from the beginning may be best
  • Maintaining sets throughout is more impressive than going unbroken early on
  • Use the air squats as a recovery for the upper body